This is what Nikola Grbic learned about himself. The volleyball coach revealed the secret

This is what Nikola Grbic learned about himself.  The volleyball coach revealed the secret

Polish volleyball players finished the 2023 national team season very well. After successes in the Nations League and the European Championships, Nikola Grbic’s players secured Olympic qualifications. The Serbian coach revealed what the last few months have taught him.

Nikola Grbic had a perfect season as the coach of the Polish national team. The volleyball players first won the Nations League in Gdańsk, then the European Championship in Italy, and finally the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games in Xi’an. The White and Reds can be satisfied with their own form and with how they physically coped with the demanding challenges.

Nikola Grbic confident

The Poles played 40 matches, which, taking into account the short break before the start of the season, exhausted the players’ bodies. Grbic himself also had to work hard. Unlike most coaches in the world, he had the embarrassment of riches in positions, especially in reception. Nevertheless, his vision passed the test, and he can prepare for the next season with great peace of mind.

In recent days, Kamil Semeniuk’s statement has become loud and he revealed that Grbic gave the volleyball players homework for the club season. The coach himself also attempted to analyze his actions. When, in an interview for, the Serb was asked about new things he learned last season, he confidently stated that he considers himself a good coach, and the past season confirmed this. However, he still tries to remain humble and correct his mistakes.

– I think I’m a good coach. And as a good coach, you do many things well. It’s not like I have a list of things to improve now. If I improve, it will be small things, a small step forward, said Grbic. – I would like to emphasize here that when I say that I am a good coach, it is not that I think I am amazing. I’m not a conceited asshole. I’m just confident that I’m doing my job well. But I’m also a guy who always tries to be better, added the Serbian coach.

Poles will compete at the Olympic Games in Paris

The Olympic volleyball tournament will be held from July 27 to August 11, 2024. During the last Olympic Games in Tokyo, Poles were eliminated in the quarterfinals.

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