The space record of rival Natalia Kaczmarek. This is a clear signal for the Polish woman

The space record of rival Natalia Kaczmarek.  This is a clear signal for the Polish woman

What news from Apeldoorn! During the national track and field championships, Dutchwoman Femke Bol broke the world record. The 23-year-old ran 49.24 seconds for 400 meters.

It has long been known that Femke Bol is a real dominator at a distance of 400 meters. The Dutchwoman won the last European and world championships and the runner has no problem whether the competition takes place indoors or outdoors. And the Dutchwoman is only 23 years old.

Femke Bol holds the world record for 400 meters indoors

The Dutch athlete achieved another great result during the Dutch indoor championships in Apeldoorn. This facility once again turned out to be exceptionally lucky for Bol. The 400-meter running specialist achieved an excellent result. By improving on her best performance, she achieved a world record.

Bol achieved a record 49.26 seconds in Apeldoorn a year ago. As it turned out, the athlete did even better in the 2024 edition. To win the gold medal and defeat her dangerous compatriot Lieke Klaver, the athlete added a new indoor record at her crowning distance. Bol achieved 49.24 seconds, which is 0.02 better than last year. Interestingly, this is a better result than the best Polish result at this distance outside the indoor arena, which shows the scale of talent of the Dutch champion.

Natalia Kaczmarek chasing Irena Szewińska's result

What does the best Polish runner say about this? For now, Natalia Kaczmarek is aiming to break the record that has been held by the late Irena Szewińska for almost half a century. In the open stadium, the legend of Polish athletics set a time of 49.29 s.

Competition with Bol? Kaczmarek will certainly try, but it seems that the conditions for fighting in an open stadium are much better for the Pole than in an indoor stadium. One of the best national sportswomen in recent years certainly aims to compete for the highest goals, including: during the quadrennial event, the Olympic Games in Paris.

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