They are lifting the limit on liquids in hand luggage at the next airport. Good news for tourists

They are lifting the limit on liquids in hand luggage at the next airport.  Good news for tourists

Another airport is introducing a convenience for passengers that will make the entire process of getting to the plane faster and simpler. At another UK airport, the limit on liquids in hand luggage is being lifted.

A few months ago, the media reported that airports in Great Britain would gradually lift restrictions on passengers. It was about the limits of liquids in hand luggage and the need to remove electronic devices into a plastic basket during security checks. This significantly lengthens the entire process and causes huge queues. However, thanks to the introduction of modern scanners at airports, traveling will change. So far, they have already been installed in several places, making it easier and faster for passengers to pass through security gates. Now another airport is implementing a modern system and waiving the limits.

Leeds/Bradford Airport is lifting the liquids limit in hand luggage

From bag size and weight restrictions to the need to remove items such as liquids and electronic devices from bags during security checks, airport rules are quite strict. During rush hours, all these processes often cause delays as people have to unpack their bags through them. Fortunately, at one airport this will become a thing of the past.

The British airport Leeds/Bradford is waiving the rule that passengers can carry liquids in 100 ml bottles in their hand luggage. This limit will be abolished, and there will be no need to put cosmetics in transparent plastic cosmetic bags

The airport is to install technologically advanced security infrastructure, such as new scanners, electronic gates and smart tray systems into which luggage is placed and then taken to the guard on the conveyor belt. This means that Britons will finally be able to take an unlimited amount of liquids on board (instead of 100 ml) and will no longer have to take a string bag containing cosmetics from their hand luggage. The small catch is that travelers will not be able to take with them containers larger than 2 liters.

“We want to make sure that every passenger traveling through LBA will have an easy and stress-free start to their journey. This investment is an important part of improving our processes and making traveling through LBA an easier and more enjoyable experience for everyone,” said Damian Ives, Chief Operating Officer at Leeds/Bradford Airport.

The changes are to take effect from February 2024.

Revolution at European airports

Leeds/Bradford is not the first airport to make changes. So far, liquid limits have been lifted in the port of London City, Prague in the Czech Republic and Helsinki. Well-known Italian airports are also expected to follow suit. What do you think about it?

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