Adam Nawałka spoke about Robert Lewandowski’s situation in the national team. “This is out of place”

Adam Nawałka spoke about Robert Lewandowski's situation in the national team.  "This is out of place"

There is still a discussion about the sense of Robert Lewandowski’s presence in the squad and banning him from the captain’s armband. Former Polish national team coach Adam Nawałka joined the talks. “This is inappropriate,” he said.

Recently, there has been a discussion all over Poland about Robert Lewandowski and whether he is the right leader in the Polish national team and whether he should continue to be called up. The beginning of these considerations took place after the poor performance of the White and Reds in the qualifying rounds for Euro 2024. Let us remind you that after five matches, the White and Reds have six points and are four points behind the leader – Albania.

Discussion around Robert Lewandowski

In the lost matches against the Czech Republic, Moldova and Albania, there was no fighting spirit in our players, and our mainstays, led by Robert Lewandowski, did not give any impulse or take the burden of the game on their own shoulders. Therefore, many critics of the Polish team suggested that the FC Barcelona striker should be stripped of the captain’s armband.

Many important people in Polish football have commented on this topic, e.g. Zbigniew Boniek, who is currently the vice-president of UEFA. “For 9 years, no one was bothered by Lewandowski’s captain’s armband… He scored goals, helped us win many matches… Today is some madness – give back the armband, etc… What kind of people,” he wrote on Twitter.

Adam Nawałka: This is inappropriate

Now Adam Nawałka, the former coach who handed over the captain’s armband to “Lewy”, joined the discussion. In an interview for “Super Express”, the coach said clearly what he thought about it. – I am surprised by the comments and opinions not to appoint Robert or to take away his captain’s armband. These suggestions are misplaced. He is an extremely valuable player, still with enormous potential to be exploited. He can still give a lot to the national team, he said.

– It was, is and will be the most important thing that what happens in the locker room stays there. This builds mutual trust and team morale. During my term, in order to get results, it was necessary to first rebuild the atmosphere and only then the flywheel started moving, he concluded.

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