The star will miss the world championships in athletics. His health does not spoil him

The star will miss the world championships in athletics.  His health does not spoil him

Not only Polish stars have a problem before the upcoming world championships in athletics. French media reports that the great pole vault champion, Renaud Lavilleni, will also be absent from Budapest.

The World Athletics Championships are fast approaching. Fans will be able to enjoy the athletes’ struggles from 19 to 27 August, and the event will take place in Budapest. However, anyone who thinks that only the White-and-Reds have big personnel problems before leaving for Hungary is wrong. It has just turned out that the championships organized by the Magyars will also miss the great star of the French national team.

Renaud Lavillenie was out of shape

Around noon on August 7, less than two weeks before the event, we learned that Renaud Lavilleni would not be attending. Admittedly, the 36-year-old competitor was not considered one of the favorites to win a medal, but due to his past achievements, his presence in Budapest would certainly attract attention. Meanwhile, health thwarted the pole vaulter’s plans.

He hasn’t been in good shape lately. He did poorly, among others, during the French championships, which took place on July 31. He was unable to jump over the ceiling of 5.51 and after three failed attempts he said goodbye to the competition. Such a result would certainly not allow him to win the World Cup. In 2023, the top three are Armand Duplantis (6.12m), KC Lightfoot (6.07m) and Ernest Obiena (6.00).

Reuand Lavillenie will miss the World Athletics Championships

“Although I wanted to take part in the world championships, I will not be able to do it. My body does not allow me to jump in Budapest due to recurring pain in my hamstrings. Therefore, I had to give up, which makes me very sad,” Lavillenie told Instagram.

“I will spend the next time recharging my physical and mental batteries. I want to prepare myself for 2024 and the events that will take place in it, so that I can enter them in the best possible shape,” concluded the athlete.

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