The “Little Suez Canal” is located in Poland. British journalists are delighted with him

The "Little Suez Canal" is located in Poland.  British journalists are delighted with him

The British Daily Express published an article in which journalists admire… the excavation of the Vistula Spit. They even called it the “Little Suez Canal.”

“Although Russia may have opposed its construction, this canal is a symbol of Poland's determination to chart its own course in the constantly changing landscape of international trade and diplomacy,” write Daily Express journalists about the Canal through the Vistula Spit. Why did he make such a great impression on them? They even called it an “engineering miracle.”

The British were delighted with the excavation of the Vistula Spit

The excavation of the Vistula Spit made a huge impression on the British. In an article published on the Daily Express, we can read that it was created to “become independent from Russian influence and improve trade routes.” It has also been called an “engineering marvel” and the “little Suez Canal”.

The Kaliningrad exclave, located between Lithuania and Poland, has long been a point of contention in trade and travel between the neighboring countries. Polish ships heading to the Baltic Sea and beyond were once required to navigate waters controlled by Russia, which irritated Polish authorities for years. Facing this dilemma, in 2019 Poland undertook the ambitious task of building the Vistula Canal. Stretching over 1 km, the new canal provides a direct route for Polish ships, bypassing the need to cross the straits controlled by Russia.

“However, Russia was firmly opposed to the project, seeing it as a challenge to its dominance in the region. Despite Russia's efforts to stop the construction of the canal, Poland persisted, citing the need for greater autonomy in maritime matters, comment British journalists.

“Little Suez Canal”

The importance of canals to global trade was highlighted by the infamous Ever Given incident in the Suez Canal in 2021. The blockage, although temporary, highlighted the importance of efficient sea lanes in maintaining the global supply chain.

“For Poland, the Vistula Canal is not only a strategic infrastructure project, but also a symbol of sovereignty and independence. By reducing its dependence on Russian-controlled waters, Poland wants to strengthen its position as a key player in the dynamics of regional trade,” we read in the summary of the article.

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