Heavy downpours are coming to Europe. Flash flood possible

Heavy downpours are coming to Europe.  Flash flood possible

We will experience violent weather not only in Poland. Western Europe can also expect flooded streets and trees broken by the wind. Forecasters warn that rainfall may reach up to 190 liters per square meter.

The coming days will bring extreme weather conditions to Europe. Hot air will clash with cool air, which may cause heavy downpours. Forecasters predict that the rainfall may be heavy enough to cause flooding and flash floods. In some places, as much as 190 liters of water per square meter is expected to fall. The website Dobrapogoda24.pl was the first to report the matter.

Reason? Extreme temperatures

All because of extreme temperatures. Poland will also be within the reach of contrasting air masses, so violent storms are expected, accompanied by downpours, hail and storms.

However, it is not Poland, but France, and locally Germany, that will be most affected by the dangerous weather. It is expected that there will be places in this area where up to 150 or even 190 liters of water per square meter will fall. Meteorologists warn, however, that their forecasts may be slightly overestimated.

Not only France and Germany

According to the website Dobrapogoda24.pl, the countries that will also have to face difficult weather will be northern Spain. Locally also the Netherlands and western Switzerland and Germany.

Fronts with shallow lows will pass through the mentioned area. The most dangerous, however, may be convection, during which, suddenly, during a heavy downpour, even several dozen liters of rain per square meter may fall in a short time. In the case of storms, this threat increases even more, and with it the risk of flash flooding.

Forecasters warn tourists going to those areas, noting that flooded roads, flooded houses and communication difficulties should not come as a surprise in the near future.

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