Poles are bored with this direction. Huge drop in bookings

Poles are bored with this direction.  Huge drop in bookings

Once upon a time, Polish tourists came to Bulgarian beaches with their entire families. Today, travelers from the Vistula River prefer other cheap destinations.

Bulgaria has been a favorite holiday destination among Polish travelers for years. Tourists were attracted to the Black Sea by low prices, nice weather, warm sea and party resorts in Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. Now the country with its capital in Sofia is recording a significant decline in the number of bookings among customers from Poland. One of the reasons may be the offer and standard of hotels.

Poles on vacation

Where will Poles go on holiday this year? According to Kiwi.com's analysis, the top twenty most popular destinations this summer include both typical holiday countries (Spain, Greece and Turkey) and those less associated with hot resorts, such as Great Britain, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands. This year's season is also expected to be record-breaking for travel agencies, which expect a flood of bookings. According to Marcin Dymnicki, president of TUI Poland, the three cheapest destinations on the list of the most popular are Tunisia, Egypt and Bulgaria. The latter, despite attractive prices, is definitely losing customers.

Türkiye is better than Bulgaria

“Bulgaria is definitely in retreat. It simply loses to Turkey, where the price-quality ratio is exceptionally good. In 2019, we sent about 100,000 there. people, now it will be 1/3 less,” says Marcin Dymnicki, quoted by Fly4free.pl. Why do Poles look at Bulgaria with less interest? The reason may be the more modest accommodation offer than in Turkey, as well as their standard. “Turkey is helped by a very large selection of hotels, we can still expand their number and add rooms,” adds Dymnicki. Türkiye already accounts for more than 30 percent of all TUI bookings this year, and demand continues to grow. Just like in Bulgaria, the prices of additional attractions in Turkey will not ruin our wallets. This country also has access to the Black Sea coast, but tourists are much more willing to go to the beaches on the Mediterranean Sea. However, experts indicate that this may change in the coming years.

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