Fast WiFi from space on a plane. SpaceX joins forces with Qatar Airways

Fast WiFi from space on a plane.  SpaceX joins forces with Qatar Airways

Starlink Internet provided by Elon Musk’s space company will be available via WiFi on the plane. SpaceX has signed a contract with Qatar Airways and will provide super-fast internet in the air.

Qatar Airways announced a new agreement with SpaceX. Thanks to cooperation with Elon Musk’s company, passengers will be able to enjoy significantly faster internet throughout the flight.

Qatar Airways with Starlink internet – speeds up to 350 Mbps

As Qatar Airways announced, the contract will soon enable passengers to be provided with Wi-Fi at speeds of up to 350 Mb/s. This is a significant improvement, because currently the network connection speed on the company’s planes was around 10 Mbps. The link is also expected to have much lower latencies.

Moreover, Starlink internet is to be free for all passengers. They will be able to log in to the network with just one click. At first, however, the system will be available only on selected routes and aircraft models.

The company argues that the super-fast satellite connection will allow for smooth use of a number of services, including: for playing online video games, streaming high-quality movies, following sports broadcasts or browsing the Internet with a VPN function.

Starlink Internet in QA is to work “from gateway to gateway”

“Starlink will be supported by the entire Qatar Airways fleet, which will allow passengers traveling between 160 locations around the world to connect to the most advanced, super-fast internet from space. The link works from the moment you board the plane, allowing gate-to-gate access,” emphasizes Jonathan Hofeller, SpaceX’s vice president for Starlink sales.

Thanks to the agreement, Qatar Airways also became SpaceX’s largest aviation partner to date. Previously, superfast Starlink internet was provided by airlines such as JSX, Hawaiian Airlines, airBaltic and ZIPAIR.

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