Putin himself dealt a symbolic blow to himself. “He’s actually already dead.”

Putin himself dealt a symbolic blow to himself.  "He's actually already dead."

An adviser to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs said that Vladimir Putin was sure that the war in Ukraine would not be “his last.” According to Anton Herashchenko, the current state of affairs has nothing to do with the expectations of the Russian president.

Anton Herashchenko dedicated his latest entry on the X platform (formerly Twitter) to Vladimir Putin, who turned 71 on Saturday, October 7. “Did Putin think, when he invaded Ukraine, that it would be his last war? Of course not. He had a completely different plan. But this war has already become the last for many in Russia, for example Prigozhin. And I am sure that it will become Putin’s last war,” wrote an adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Advisor to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs: Putin is actually already dead

“Those who started this war will be killed, they will be condemned, some will commit suicide – history has already shown us several examples, so we know what to expect,” he continued. Anton Herashchenko also emphasized that Russia “will never be the same again.” He diagnosed that huge internal changes were taking place and “the people and clans that defined Russia’s politics for many years will disappear.” He added that this will happen “literally or figuratively.”

“Basically, Putin has already lost. In fact, he is already dead. Now his regime is in agony and trying to drag down as many people as possible. Only one question remains: how quickly and at what price Putin will be removed from power,” he continued in the post. The Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser also said there remains a “real question” about how quickly Ukraine will receive everything it needs to win the war and “irreversibly weaken Putin’s regime.”

There has already been speculation about what actions the Russian army will take on Vladimir Putin’s birthday – in reference to his fondness for numerology. There were also questions about whether the Ukrainian side was planning specific operations at this time.

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