Changes in logging in to a large bank. Customers will have full access from the network

Changes in logging in to a large bank.  Customers will have full access from the network

Bank Millennium plans to introduce changes to electronic banking services. Modification of the Millenet login address will provide full access to the account and other products via the Internet.

Bank Millennium announced the planned changes on its website. “Stay alert. We are planning to change the address of the login page” – we read in the announcement of this financial institution. The bank intends to soon change the address of the website where customers log in to Millenet. The domain in the website address will also change. The first changes are already visible, the appearance of the home page has been refreshed.

Millennium Bank is introducing changes. It should be faster, more convenient and safer

Currently, customers log in to their accounts at by clicking on subsequent tabs, but soon the address of the login page will be changed to The modification to electronic banking services is intended to provide bank customers with full access to their accounts and other products via the Internet.

The bank also informed that the subsequent login steps and required data (Millecode, Password 1 and 2 characters of the identifier) ​​will not change. The appearance of the website after logging in to Millenet will not change. The home page address remains unchanged.

The bank’s customers are satisfied with the changes

The bank’s customers are eagerly awaiting the changes. In their opinion, security issues could have had a major impact on the modifications, as fraudsters often impersonate both Bank Millennium and other well-known brands. “Beware of Fake Sites” – emphasize the bank’s representatives in the message and remind them about safe rules when logging in.

“Remember, we do not inform about login changes in e-mails, but only in the bank’s channels. We also do not send links in text messages,” they add later in the post.

Other banks have introduced changes this year

Millennium Bank is another financial institution that has introduced changes for its clients in recent months. From June 1, changes were introduced for customers of the largest Polish bank. PKO BP has introduced a new tariff of commissions and fees. Fees for using accounts and cards have been unified.

From July 1, Santander Bank Polska also introduced new products and changes in the offer. In turn, ING Bank Śląski changed some fees and commissions for its services at the end of August. The changes mainly concern fees for using account cards and cash withdrawals by debit cards and BLIK. They do not apply to the PRP account.

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