Poles are divided on this issue. This is how they assess NATO's actions

Poles are divided on this issue.  This is how they assess NATO's actions

Is the North Atlantic Alliance acting appropriately in response to the war in Ukraine? The survey results indicate that Poles are divided on this issue.

The Public Opinion Research Center (CBOS) asked Poles how they would assess NATO's actions towards the war in Ukraine. According to 39 percent respondents, the North Atlantic Alliance is acting “too cautiously” towards the Russian invasion. Slightly fewer respondents said these actions were appropriate. 14 percent survey participants believe that NATO's steps are too far advanced in this matter, while 10 percent is not able to clearly answer this question.

Radosław Sikorski announced last week that a decision had been made to establish a NATO mission in Ukraine. As he explained, the move of NATO countries does not mean that we are entering war. – But this means that we will now be able to use the Alliance's coordinating, training and planning capabilities to support Ukraine in a more coordinated way – explained the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Meanwhile, unofficially, there is talk of a different solution. As reported by the daily “la Repubblica”, officials are considering a solution in which Russia will keep Crimea and other occupied territories in exchange for Ukraine joining NATO.

It's happening around Ukraine. Are there any plans to join NATO?

The newspaper argues that this proposal “it's on the table”. According to Italian journalists, it is for this reason that the NATO Secretary General recently said that sooner or later Ukraine will join the Alliance. Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, also spoke in a similar tone.

– The announcement of the NATO mission and the establishment of a special fund to support Ukraine is a kind of surrogate for starting the process of Ukraine's accession to NATO. But there is some risk here too, emphasizes General Stanisław Koziej in an interview with “Wprost”.

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