Construction disaster at the airport. Three people are dead

Construction disaster at the airport.  Three people are dead

A serious disaster occurred at an American airport. Suddenly, a construction hangar collapsed. The consequences are deplorable, with many fatalities. The causes of the incident are being investigated.

We would all like to avoid such accidents. Unfortunately, a disaster could not be prevented at the Boise Airport in Idaho. The construction hangar for jets was completely destroyed. The consequences of the accident were tragic, three people died and about nine were injured. The police and other services still have a lot of work to do on the spot.

Construction disaster at the airport. The hangar collapsed

The hangar in question was a temporary structure, an object separated from the space by building partitions. No one expected it to be unstable enough to cause such disastrous consequences. After the collapse occurred, the fire brigade arrived immediately. “The building completely collapsed. I don’t know what caused it, but I can say that it was quite violent,” Aaron Hummel, the head of the fire brigade, told foreign media.

The collapsed building does not affect the operation of the airport because it was neither part of it nor the property of the city. The whole thing was built next to the Jackson Jet Center, the headquarters of a company offering jet rentals. During a local press conference, the airport director revealed: “The metal structure was not designed by the airport authorities, nor was it their property.”

After the accident, the Internet went viral. Photos and videos of the collapsed hangar quickly began to appear on social media. They show that everything has completely collapsed.

Idaho airport disaster. Three people died

The worst thing about the whole accident is not the collapse of the hangar itself, but the consequences of the accident. Unfortunately, it quickly turned out that three people died and the remaining nine suffered serious injuries. Several of them ended up in hospital. Since Wednesday, January 31, Boise police have been trying to contact family members to provide information about the victims’ health.

Due to the disaster, there may be traffic disruptions on site to this day. Not only passers-by but, above all, drivers were urged to be careful. The causes of the case will be investigated, as the police have no idea what caused such a sudden collapse. Perhaps it will turn out that the whole thing was created in a bad way.

Unfortunately, similar situations have occurred many times around the world. Sometimes the cause of disasters is not faulty construction, but e.g. short circuits in electrical installations or other uninvestigated faults. Recently, a serious accident occurred, among others: in South Korea. A fire suddenly broke out in the hotel.

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