Responsible design – ZŁOTA 44 enters into cooperation with the Danish brand Carl Hansen & Søn

Responsible design – ZŁOTA 44 enters into cooperation with the Danish brand Carl Hansen & Søn

Simplicity, aesthetics and functionality combined with sustainable development are the common features of ZŁOTA 44 and the Danish furniture brand Carl Hansen & Søn. The new show apartment is the essence of Scandinavian design. It wraps you in the warmth of natural colors, materials and structures that you want to touch and feel.

Design with over a hundred years of history

One of the best sustainable living strategies is to make and buy things that last. Carl Hansen & Søn, a family company established in 1908, founded by master craftsman Carl Hansen, is a true example of a conscious, sustainable business that, thanks to over a hundred years of history and a consistent, uncompromising strategy, has achieved commercial success around the world. Over the years, Carl Hansen & Søn has focused strongly on presenting Danish design classics, while modernizing its collections with the works of new designers. Cooperation with one of the greatest designers – Hans J. Wegner – made a significant contribution to the company’s evolution. The basis of the company’s DNA is the highest quality of materials and the philosophy of their production, using the best materials and the highest, world-class craftsmanship. Each stage of the production process is carried out with care for the craftsman and the planet. Carl Hansen & Søn invests in the most modern and energy-efficient equipment, and healthy and safe working conditions are ensured in all production plants. Materials are obtained from responsibly managed forests and sawmills with which the company has maintained long-term relationships. The production of each piece of furniture is based on the use of almost the smallest elements. The scraps are used to produce safe toys, and waste that cannot be used in sculpture is processed and used as fuel in a district heating plant that provides heating to over four hundred local homes in Gelsted, Denmark.

“The combination of classic craftsmanship and modern design, Carl Hansen & Søn is a proposition for conscious buyers. We notice a growing interest in unique Danish furniture in Poland and we believe that our products will be appreciated here. The Carl Hansen & Søn showroom in Warsaw and the arrangement of the show apartment in the luxurious ZŁOTA 44 apartment building are a response to the Polish market’s demand for the highest quality furniture that will serve for generations. – says Inger M. Jensen Hansen, Director CCO Carl Hansen & Søn.

Carl Hansen & Søn products are designed to last for generations to come. To encourage the use of the potential of older furniture, the company provides highly qualified repair and renovation services. This way, after decades of everyday use, even the most worn-out, beloved piece of furniture can be restored and prepared for many more years of use.

The uncompromising strategy has provided Carl Hansen & Søn with dedicated partners as well as commercial success in the form of flagship stores and showrooms located around the world: in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Osaka, London, Milan, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Gelsted, Hamburg, Paris and Warsaw, as well as sales branches in the USA, Japan and Hong Kong. This exemplary attitude is a unique example of a truly ecological business.

A timeless marriage of concrete and wood

The show apartment arranged by Carl Hansen & Søn is located on the 48th floor of the luxurious ZŁOTA 44 apartment building and covers an area of ​​over 200 sq m. There is no doubt that the combination of exposed concrete and the natural oak floor of the apartment with the timeless design of Carl Hansen & Søn furniture and accessories is the quintessence of Scandinavian style. Warm and natural colors of wooden furniture dominate here. Perfectly finished details demonstrate craftsmanship and reflect the designer’s true passion. Here we find the iconic Wishbone Chair by Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen & Søn from 1949, which surround a large dining table. At its top there is a high children’s chair by a pair of designers, Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel. The windows in the dining room occupy the south-west corner and provide light throughout the day. The arrangement of the living room meets the needs of potential residents – the relaxation zone uses comfortable sofas and wooden oval coffee tables, and for an evening with friends there are armchairs placed around a round wooden table. The accessories displayed in the interior deserve special attention. Colorful glasses and vases as well as embroidered pillows add lightness to the interior, and wooden toys placed in unique places are a wink at the recipient. The living space is enriched by a painting from Artutito Exqusite Art Gallery “Tafla” by Jan Pruski.

One of the bedrooms in the apartment was arranged as a children’s room. The calming decor full of natural wooden toys is enriched with timeless furniture such as benches by Børge Mogensen. The characteristically woven seat shows its precise workmanship in subtle details. The apartment also has an office, in which the unique FK Bookcase System, a duo of Danish designers Preben Fabricius and Jørgen Kastholm, organizes the space. The last room is the bedroom. Separated from the living area, it encourages rest and relaxation with a view of the city.

In every room, harmony with nature is strongly felt. Olive trees provided by Studio Plum enhance the exoticism of the interior, which thanks to them transforms into an enclave for escaping thoughts.

Slow furniture for years

By establishing cooperation with Carl Hansen & Søn, ZŁOTA 44 emphasizes its attachment to the idea of ​​sustainable development and once again supports good consumer choices and “slow furniture”. The use of modern technologies, ergonomic solutions and the best quality materials in an apartment building is an investment that quickly brings measurable benefits. Timeless equipment and world-class raw materials obtained in a responsible way are the future that starts today.

The flagship showroom of Carl Hansen & Søn is located in Warsaw on the ground floor of the five-star Hotel Warszawa at Powstańców Warszawy 9.

More about ZŁOTA 44

The investors of the ZŁOTA 44 apartment building are an investment fund managed by AMSTAR, which acquires, develops and manages real estate in selected markets in Europe, the USA and other countries around the world, and BBI Development SA – a development company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

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