Promotional tickets at PKP from PLN 65. Budapest, Vienna and much more on the list

Promotional tickets at PKP from PLN 65.  Budapest, Vienna and much more on the list

Traveling for the May weekend with PKP may be more profitable than you think. It is now possible to book international connections scheduled for two months from now. Prices start from around PLN 65.

Although March has only just begun and most of us are currently thinking about the upcoming Easter holidays, it is worth reminding that it is also the perfect time to plan the May weekend. This year it may be especially attractive. Just take May 2 off to enjoy as many as 5 days of rest. Some people may think about additional dates such as April 29 or 30, then we have a week of holidays ahead of us. On this occasion, it is worth taking a look at the PKP Intercity connection network. International tickets for the mentioned dates are extremely cheap.

Cheap May Day tickets at PKP. You can now book

Train travelers and promotion hunters know very well that by purchasing domestic tickets from PKP Intercity 30 days in advance, we can often benefit from much lower prices. Of course, this rule does not always work, because for some time now the demand for a given connection and the attractiveness of the selected hours have also been taken into account. Regardless, in many cases we can save anyway.

Almost all of us remember this rule, but we often do not know that tickets for international connections can be purchased up to 60 days in advance. This means that tickets for the May weekend are available already in March. This is a unique opportunity to purchase them for approximately PLN 65. The offer applies to popular cities such as Berlin, Prague and Budapest. However, you need to act quickly.

Proposals for the May weekend with PKP. Tickets are cheap

A traveler who runs the Instagram account @kajetaneo recently reminded us about attractive offers. It proves that you can travel to many popular cities for pennies. We checked the PKP Intercity website and indeed, in many cases, it is really cheap. If we bought a ticket at the last minute, we could pay several hundred zlotys, but if we buy it almost 2 months in advance, we will often spend less than PLN 100 for a one-way trip.

For example, choosing a connection on April 29 or 30 from Poznań to Berlin, the ticket will cost PLN 87.16. A similar travel cost will be from Warsaw to Prague. The cheapest will be a trip from Krakow to Budapest – here we found a connection on April 29 for PLN 65.26, but if we leave a day later, the price increases to PLN 87.16. On April 30, we can also set off from the capital of Lesser Poland to Vienna – a hit is a 1st class ticket, which costs only PLN 130. For a normal one we will spend PLN 109.

It is easy to conclude that the earlier the date, the less we will pay. It is also worth remembering that these types of places are always limited. Sometimes it is enough to look at the website a few hours later and it may turn out that the cheap seats have been sold out. Are you planning to use them? Which field interests you the most?

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