That's why Aleksander Zniszczoł jumps the best. Thomas Thurnbichler comments

That's why Aleksander Zniszczoł jumps the best.  Thomas Thurnbichler comments

Thomas Thurnbichler commented on the recent actions of Aleksander Zniszczoł. The coach revealed that his podium finish in Lahti was a relief for the entire team. The Austrian pointed out what helped his player reach such a level.

Date: March 3, 2024 will remain forever in the memory of Aleksander Zniszczoł. On that day, a historic competition for the Polish jumper took place in Lahti, in which he stood on the podium for the first time in his career.

Thomas Thurnbichler: I was overjoyed that Zniszczoł jumped on the podium

The 30-year-old's form is the only positive thing about this season for Polish jumpers, as his more successful colleagues are a shadow of their former selves. Thomas Thurnbichler was very pleased with this result and was clearly moved. The Austrian coach commented on this topic in WP SportoweFakty.

– I was overjoyed that Olek finally made it to the podium. He worked very constructively throughout the season. He's come close several times. It's always nice to see people who have been fighting for so long and working so hard finally get on the podium, he said.

According to Thomas Thurnbichler, Aleksander Zniszczoł's result was a relief for the entire team. – Everyone in the team puts a lot of effort into successes and the jumpers enjoy each other's successes. Olek's score can have a positive impact on others. They see that if they do their job well, they can achieve achievements, he continued.

Thomas Thurnbichler: The destroyer was open to suggestions

The coach of the Polish national team also pointed out what influenced Aleksander Zniszczoł to be currently the best jumper in the Polish national team. – He had very good preparations in the summer. He continued the work we started last year. Already during the Summer Grand Prix he was sometimes the best in the squad, even when Dawid was jumping at a high level. He had a bit of trouble in the fall, which resulted in a weaker start to the season, he admitted.

– Since the Four Hills Tournament, he has returned to the work that gave him results. He was open to tips, including those regarding equipment. He trusted us, which led him to success, he concluded.

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