He showed the house he rented on Airbnb. The video has 750,000 views. views, Internet users don’t believe it

He showed the house he rented on Airbnb.  The video has 750,000 views.  views, Internet users don't believe it

Tiktoker posted a video online showing the house he rented with his friends via Airbnb. A bed in the garage, the air conditioning locked with a padlock or a toilet not attached to the wall are just the beginning.

A Maryland man has gone viral on TikTok after sharing on social media about his stay at an extremely expensive Airbnb, which he called “from hell.”

He rented an Airbnb from hell

Nick Doty, who goes by the name @nldoty on TikTok, detailed the horrors of renting a home through Airbnb. He and his friends rented a property in San Diego to have a place to stay after a friend’s wedding.

Interestingly, the five-bedroom, five-bathroom home is on the market for $4.9 million. The landlords paid $1,250 (approx. PLN 5,000) per night for it.

According to reports from Insider, the rental property boasted an average rating of 4.78 out of 5 on Airbnb before the listing for it disappeared.

The first problem began at the initial stage – a group of friends were supposed to rent the property, but it turned out that it was divided into two parts, of which they could only occupy one. Another group got the other half.

Another problem was that the house did not actually have five bedrooms as the listing claimed. The TikToker added that one of the bedrooms was in… the garage.

“This is the bedroom, it smells of gasoline,” the man reported as he opened the door to the sleeping area in the garage. There were no ventilation holes in the room and the smoke detectors stopped working.

In the next part of the video about the house from hell, Doty explained that all the lamps inside are “decorative” because the house is mostly devoid of sockets – except for the floor lamp, the cord of which is threaded through the wall and connected to a socket in the adjoining bathroom.

The irate tenant also asked other friends what their “favorite” parts of the house were. They revealed other “amenities” located at this location.

Air conditioning with a padlock, hot water after 12 minutes

There was a toilet in the house that was not attached to the wall. The shower faucet had knobs that fell off when turned. The air conditioner, which cost $25 a day to use, was padlocked. The video also shows that the oven took hours to heat up, and you had to wait up to 12.5 minutes for hot water in the shower.

“All of this could be yours for $5 million,” the TikTokker joked.

The whole story was reported by the New York Post, which contacted Airbnb for comment.

“In the rare event that the offer is not as advertised, our AirCover service will support you by refunding your money and finding alternative accommodation, and we will take action on the issues reported to us. Since these guests did not report any issues to us, we reached out to them to learn about their experiences and offer our support,” Airbnb said.

The Airbnb host, listed on the site as Scott, denied Doty’s allegations. He stated that there was no “bed in the garage” and that the group had the oven set incorrectly. He also added that each room had a predetermined number of sockets.

“Most of the movie was doctored to look bad,” Scott declared. “I would not recommend another host accept any booking requests from this tenant.”

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