Travelers in danger. Scammers pose as PKP and extort money

Travelers in danger.  Scammers pose as PKP and extort money

People traveling on PKP Intercity trains may fall victim to fraud. All because of impersonators who take advantage of our naivety and absent-mindedness. We reveal what to watch out for.

Do you often decide to buy PKP Intercity tickets? If so, this message in particular should draw your attention. This is a scam that is becoming more and more popular and many people have already complained that they lost money. Experts from CERT Polska warn on Facebook against unusual surveys.

They impersonate PKP. A new online scam

Scammers have found a new way to target tourists. This time, they targeted PKP Intercity customers. During the holiday season, we buy tickets especially often and willingly, all because of summer holidays. During this time, we are absorbed in thinking about planning various attractions and often easily succumb to temptations. Impersonators hope that they will be able to take advantage of our thoughtfulness.

Fraudsters offer customers to complete satisfaction surveys with the carrier’s services, and then try to take over credit card details. It is precisely such practices that are mentioned in the Facebook message of CERT, i.e. the first team established in Poland to deal with incidents that violate online security. It operates within the structures of NASK – National Research Institute. The team has posted photos online showing what the fake forms look like, which we should avoid.

You have to be careful about that. This is how PKP impersonators work

A group that pretends to be PKP Intercity sends out and posts inconspicuous surveys on websites. Initially, we are asked to fill it out, and then we receive information about the possibility of winning a cash prize. After all, we are asked to provide sensitive data.

In the scammers survey, we are asked to provide the phone number, as well as those from the payment card. There is also a button: “pay”. After accidentally and quickly clicking on this window, customers can easily transfer money to impersonators.

CERT experts call for caution, because we are usually bombarded with fake surveys at the time of the greatest confusion and solicitation. Then there is a chance that something has not been read and in a hurry we will enter a form that is not safe. If you see the inscription “PKP Intercity. Train to travel”, be careful.

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