Tourists enter Gubałówka and break the ban. Residents have had enough

Tourists enter Gubałówka and break the ban.  Residents have had enough

In Zakopane, there is more and more talk about the problem caused by tourists. It's about Gubałówka and the ban on entering the place. Residents feel aggrieved.

Zakopane and the Gubałówka peak are one of the most frequently visited places by Poles in winter. We also choose these areas during the summer holidays and they are almost always full of people from all over the country. Unfortunately, visitors often get under the skin of locals. It's the same this time. It's about habitual violations of the ban.

Tourists breaking the ban? They enter Gubałówka without any problems

The case is reported by, among others, Tygodnik Podhalański, publishing posts on social media. This concerns the prohibited entry to Gubałówka, or more precisely to ul. Stanisław Zubek running along the ridge of Gubałówka. Residents follow the rules and know that only local plot owners or employees with special ID cards are allowed to enter. Moreover, they can only use the road during designated hours – entry from 6 p.m. to 9 a.m. Unfortunately, local citizens realize that the rights are not the same for everyone. Certain groups do not comply with the restrictions.

We are talking about tourists visiting Zakopane. Many people who don't want to reach the peak on foot drive to Gubałówka. The ban is violated by, among others: families with children. Until December last year, it was legal, but today the rules are different. Unfortunately, tourists are not held accountable for repeatedly breaking the ban and show that they can do more than the average resident of Zakopane.

Entrance to Gubałówka. Residents are fed up with tourists' behavior

“Will someone finally take the initiative to enter Gubałówka? Despite the ban, tourists drive as on regular roads and park wherever they want. We, the employees and owners, had to get entry tickets. When we point out to parking people that they are standing in front of the booths, they complain,” explained one of the residents of Zakopane in an interview with local media.

It appears that the case is ongoing at this time. The Facebook post about the problem received numerous reactions and over a hundred comments. “All foreign registration plates can enter anywhere, but when a supplier enters with a larger car, it is a problem because it blocks the vehicle,” it was written. “If it were possible, they would climb Giewont,” someone else laughed. Internet users' comments clearly show that they are not satisfied with the current situation and most do not understand the behavior of visitors.

It is worth adding that, unfortunately, tourists violate prohibitions in many tourist places. Quite recently, it was discovered that they were entering forbidden caves, and all this was captured by a hidden camera. When it comes to the Tatra Mountains, travelers must be vigilant, among others: due to the upcoming checks on the border with Slovakia, and they do not always follow the rules.

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