Mass food poisoning on a French ferry. The vessel had to abort the voyage

Mass food poisoning on a French ferry.  The vessel had to abort the voyage

The captain of the Pont-Aven ferry had to interrupt a voyage from Spain to Great Britain and make an emergency berth in France. There was mass poisoning among the crew members on board the vessel.

The Pont-Aven ferry is a vessel owned by the French shipowner Brittany Ferries.

Emergency mooring in the port of Brest, France

On Monday, August 7, the ferry left the port of Santander in Spain in the morning towards the port of Plymouth in Great Britain. He was supposed to arrive there the next day in the afternoon.

There were 982 passengers and 144 crew members on board. Shortly after entering the high seas, the captain was forced to change course and make an emergency moor in the port of Brest in France. Reason?

Food poisoning of some crew members

There was massive food poisoning on the ferry. His symptoms were reported by 34 crew members, and their condition worsened every hour. Poisoning probably occurred in the crew canteen, as none of the passengers reported symptoms of poisoning.

Before mooring, the captain contacted the French services. When the ferry landed on the shore, paramedics were already waiting on the spot. Some crew members required hospitalization. It is worth adding that passengers showed understanding for the situation.

“Everyone seems to be in a good mood and no one seems too frustrated,” one passenger told Reuters.

The ferry resumed sailing the same day and arrived in Plymouth harbor several hours late. So far, the cause of the poisoning has not been determined.

Mass poisoning at weddings in Spain

Recall that at the end of July we reported on a mass poisoning that occurred during two wedding events in Peñaranda de Bracomonte, Spain.

Both events took place in the same venue – one at noon and the other in the evening. In total, about 40 people were poisoned. Unfortunately, a 95-year-old woman, the bride’s grandmother, died soon after.

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