Poland will help Slovenia. Mariusz Błaszczak provided the details

Poland will help Slovenia.  Mariusz Błaszczak provided the details

The Polish army will help the Slovaks struggling with the effects of the flood, where the situation in many places will still remain critical. Polish soldiers will go to the site with specialized equipment.

Mariusz Błaszczak announced that the Polish Army will help the Slovaks who are struggling with the effects of the catastrophic flood. “We will send experienced engineer soldiers with specialized equipment to the site,” the Minister of National Defense informed in a short post on social media. According to STA, the Slovenian press agency, the Polish Red Cross also provided help to Slovenia.

Between Friday and Sunday, Slovenia was hit by massive floods, the worst since independence. Leon Behin, Acting Director General for Civil Protection and Relief in the Case of Natural Disasters, stressed that the change in weather conditions has led to an improvement in the situation, but the situation remains very critical. ongoing, among others work on restoring energy infrastructure.

Floods in Slovenia

About 25,000 people are affected by the floods. volunteer firefighters. According to the Slovenian government, the main tasks of the local police concerned primarily the evacuation of people from endangered areas or traffic management in connection with road closures. Food and other necessities are delivered to places cut off from the world by helicopters. Administration units, in turn, focus on the exchange of documents that have been damaged or lost as a result of flooding.

The situation in Slovakia also looks dangerous. The Slovak Spectator portal noted that over the weekend, states of emergency were declared in 35 towns and villages in Slovakia due to flooding. 15 of them have level 3 alerts. Torrential rains, which caused rivers and streams to flood roads, basements and ground floors of houses, were most affected by the regions in the south of Slovakia: in the districts of Rožňava and Revuca.

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