Stryków is one of the best cities to invest in. And not in Poland, but in Europe

Stryków is one of the best cities to invest in.  And not in Poland, but in Europe

Located at the intersection of motorways, Stryków attracts large investments like a magnet. There are nearly 50 large plants operating there: warehouses, distribution centers, in a word: enterprises for which the proximity of the highway connecting north to south and west to east means a great facilitation in everyday business.

Only 20 years ago, Stryków was an ordinary, unremarkable small town in the Łódź Voivodeship. Everything changed when in 2006 the first section of the A2 motorway was launched. Entrepreneurs thought it was a good place to invest really big money – because we are not talking about small vulcanization plants or car repair shops, but warehouses, factories, transshipment centers. The road map was crystallizing and it was clear that soon Stryków would be located at the main hub of the Central European highways A1 (Gdańsk-Vienna) and A2 (Berlin-Moscow).

Logistics centers are opening at the intersection of highways

The development of this not even 4 thousand. inhabitants (according to official statements – in fact, this number is increased by employees who temporarily stay in Stryków) of the city was appreciated by the Financial Times, which in 2020 prepared a ranking of the most attractive cities in Europe in terms of investment. London won, Warsaw was in sixth place, and Stryków was in 17th place. He overtook, among others Oslo, Barcelona, ​​Cambridge and Copenhagen.

“Stryków’s high position is influenced, among others, by its location – near motorways and the related development of the logistics industry. It is in Stryków and its vicinity that not only individual warehouses are located, but also entire large logistics centers. In addition – as specialists in transport and logistics emphasize – this potential has not yet been used and there is still room for new facilities of this type” – reported Dziennik Łódzki.

Stryków appreciated in the FDI ranking

Stryków again ranked high in this year’s edition of the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) ranking.

The Next.Gazeta journalist went to Stryków to find out from entrepreneurs why the small town is so attractive to them.

– Together with our business partners, we are looking for optimal logistics solutions, and the central location of Stryków meets the requirements for optimizing costs and cargo routes – said Maciej Głowacki, Operations Director and Member of the Management Board of DPD Polska.

Investments act like a magnet: opened a logistics center precisely because of the proximity of the DPD sorting center with which it cooperates. – This gives us the ability to handle very large volumes per day (50,000 tires) to individual customers and fast order fulfillment. Thanks to this location of the warehouse, the costs and distances of transports have been reduced and optimized, which undoubtedly results in lower CO2 emissions – said Monika Sierakowska.

Over 50 large companies operate in Stryków

GLS, UPS, Eurovia, Lek and Corning have also invested in Stryków. “There are about 50 of them in total, and they come from various industries – from courier, through pharmaceutical, to food. Some of them operate in the Łódź Special Economic Zone. In addition to the proximity of motorways, which is an obvious advantage of the city, it is also worth mentioning that in Stryków there is a railway line Łódź-Łowicz with a siding for loading freight trains. The advantage is also the proximity of universities – Lodz University of Technology. – describes Next.gazeta.

The commune’s income from taxes related to these investments accounts for about 40 percent of the budget revenues. This year, the commune of Stryków passed a budget of over PLN 140 million. Data from the Ministry of Finance also shows that Stryków is the fifth richest commune in the voivodship.

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