Toothlessness in Poland: an embarrassing problem that takes away your smile. As many as 9 million Poles are sick

Toothlessness in Poland: an embarrassing problem that takes away your smile.  As many as 9 million Poles are sick

Despite reasons to be happy, many people feel the need to hide their smile. The reason is missing teeth, which almost a quarter of Poles face. Improper hygiene is only one of the causes of toothlessness; the problem is often accompanied by other serious diseases. What to do when dental cavities take away your reasons to smile?

The disturbing condition of Poles' teeth

The latest research shows that as many as 94% of teenagers and 99% of adults in Poland have dental caries. Dentists notice extensive missing teeth not only in older people, but also in patients in their 20s and 30s. What is causing this problem?

“Edentulism is a complex condition influenced by many factors,” he says Doctor Barbara Sobczak, owner of Dr Sobczak Clinics — For many patients, the reason is improper hygiene, but it is not the only source of the disease. It is often caused by periodontitis, bruxism, or occlusal disease, i.e. incorrect positioning of teeth in relation to each other.

However, dental cavities are not only an aesthetic problem that generates a sense of shame and is a source of complexes. Missing teeth also lead to gastrointestinal problems and mineral deficiency through improperly chewed food.

—Even one cavity can lead to the tilting of adjacent teeth, which ultimately become unstable. In turn, the opposing teeth begin to move towards the cavity. In the situation described, we are dealing with the so-called Godon Effect, he explains Doctor Barbara Sobczak.

Is a prosthesis the only solution?

Most patients who suffer from edentulism choose a removable denture, in which the process of adapting the patient to changes in the teeth can be long. Additionally, dentures sometimes become brittle and make it difficult to receive taste stimuli. They also often cause pressure sores on soft tissue, i.e. gums. The denture also makes it difficult for the bone to “nourish,” which causes the bone to atrophy and the denture no longer fits. Despite the seemingly satisfactory visual change, the denture does not eliminate the problem of toothlessness, but only masks it. An alternative is implantological treatment, which solves the troublesome problem of missing teeth, takes place in the patient's full comfort and gives a chance to return to normality, restoring the joy of eating meals.

—Treatment using the Sobczak Concept method, lasting only a few hours, involves computer planning using 3D printers and 5-axis Full HD milling machines. Our own prosthetic laboratory and high-quality equipment guarantee full comfort of treatment, he adds owner of Dr Sobczak Clinics —I know perfectly well how stressful and difficult visits to the dentist's office are for patients. When developing the Sobczak Concept method, I focused primarily on the patient's perspective, his expectations and ensuring a completely stress-free treatment. Patient satisfaction after the procedure is my priority.

Freeing yourself from dentures is therefore possible, and current technology guarantees the treatment process in full patient comfort. The disturbing statistics of toothlessness among Poles definitely require the intervention of specialists. Undergoing treatment guarantees not only a return to full health, but also an improvement in the quality of life and a return to the lost joy of eating and everyday smiling.

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