Żabka goes public! The valuation is impressive

Żabka goes public!  The valuation is impressive

CVC Capital Partners intends to debut with Żabka Polska on the stock exchange in September, and the projected valuation of the company is from USD 7.5 to USD 8 billion, Bloomberg reports, citing its sources.

According to Bloomberg, the IPO in Warsaw may be worth between USD 1 billion and USD 1.5 billion.

Żabka goes public

Agency sources say the details of the offer, including its value and schedule, may still change. The IPO process is supported by Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase.

Bloomberg reported that representatives of CVC, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs declined to comment on this matter. It is worth recalling that CVC acquired Żabka from Mid Europa Partners in 2017.

Currently, the Żabka Group in Poland includes over 10,000 stores under the Żabka brand, autonomous Nano stores, and also offers q-commerce, e-commerce solutions and dietary catering.

The valuation is impressive

Żabka’s projected valuation of $7.5 to $8 billion is impressive, especially in the context of the Polish and European markets. Here are some reasons:

  • Scale of operations: Żabka has over 10,000 stores in Poland, which makes it one of the largest convenience chains in the country.

  • Innovation: The company not only runs traditional stores, but also develops autonomous Nano stores, e-commerce services and dietary catering.

  • Successful acquisitions and expansions: Żabka is constantly developing, which is confirmed by its recent entry into the Romanian market under the Froo brand.

  • Support from strong investors: The introduction of Żabka to the stock exchange will be supported by financial giants such as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase, which increases the credibility and attractiveness of the IPO.

  • An example of dynamic growth: Since its takeover by CVC in 2017, the value of Żabka has increased significantly, which proves an effective management strategy and the potential for further development.

Froo, or the Romanian Frog

Żabka expands its operations to the Romanian market, opening the first store under the Froo brand. This step was made possible thanks to the acquisition of majority shares in one of the leading distributors of FMCG products in Romania, DRIM Daniel Distributie, in December last year. The signs of Froo Bistro in Bucharest are clearly inspired by the Polish Żabka, which may be especially noticeable for Poles visiting the capital of Romania.

Żabka’s expansion into the foreign market required the reorganization of the company’s structure, which resulted in the establishment of Żabka International, responsible for coordinating activities on new markets. In Froo stores in Romania, over 80 percent The assortment includes well-known Romanian brands and international products from local suppliers. All branches also offer Froo Bistro services, where coffee and hot snacks are available.

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