Are apartment sales slowing down? Developers announce numerous promotions

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The first signs of slowdown are visible in the housing market. In order to attract as many customers as possible, development companies offer proven marketing tricks. Numerous promotions, bonuses, discounts, and even sales or discounts on apartments are becoming more and more common. Customers can usually save from several to even several dozen thousand zlotys. One investor offers apartment additions for even more than PLN 100,000. zloty.

Until recently, apartments in the largest Polish cities were selling like hot cakes. In July, August and September there was a huge movement on the real estate market. Apartment prices in the largest Polish cities have skyrocketed, often reaching sky-high amounts. For a studio or a small two-room apartment in Warsaw you had to pay almost PLN 1 million. Many people bought the so-called hole in the ground or joined waiting lists for fear of another increase in apartment prices. Currently, the market is showing the first signs of slowdown. This is confirmed by analyzes and sales reports.

Real estate market. Companies sold fewer apartments than were offered

The data shows that in October, developer companies offered more apartments than they sold. According to experts, the situation may be similar in November or December this year. Experts in this industry are increasingly considering a possible breakthrough in the real estate market. “Apartment prices, especially in large cities, have exceeded a certain high level and are unavailable to most customers. This entire sales boom on the market was fueled by investors who bought most of the apartments offered for cash. – they argue.

Salespeople speak in a similar tone and claim that significantly fewer customers come to sales offices. “The boom is over, normal sales are back” – they say in unison. “To attract as many buyers as possible, we are introducing marketing strategies proven in difficult times. There will also be special offers, numerous promotions and discounts. – they claim.

Development companies offer numerous promotions. There are more and more special offers

The first effects of these activities can already be seen in many investments in the capital. “Selected apartments at a promotional price,” encourages one of the investors building a housing estate in Warsaw’s Białołęka district. “Special offer – parking space for PLN 1” is an incentive for people who plan to buy three- or four-room apartments in Mokotów.

As traders admit, larger apartments wait much longer for buyers, hence the change in strategy on the part of development companies. In their opinion, we are dealing with a flood of hidden discounts under various slogans. “Special offer. Discount up to PLN 50,000 PLN for selected houses” – announces another development company that is building a housing estate of single-family houses in a town near Warsaw.

Apartment discount. Unusual offers from development companies

Marketing specialists work hard to ensure that their companies’ offers attract the attention of buyers. “On sale. Recently, the prices of some apartments have been reduced,” notes the investor, offering properties by the sea. Customers in Mysłowice, Lesser Poland, will also experience discounts on apartments. The autumn special offer was prepared by Area Development. The company notes that now we will pay up to PLN 90,000 for selected apartments in Ustronie Morskie. PLN less.

A several percent discount on selected apartments is offered by one of the largest development companies in Poland. JW Construction offers promotions during Black weeks. Cheaper apartments will be available both in Warsaw, Pruszków, Szczecin and Chorzów. In turn, in the town of Kręki near Warsaw, you can buy a single-family house with a 10 percent discount.

Unusual bonuses from the company. You can save tens of thousands of zlotys

Black Weeks housing is also offered by another nationwide development company. Murapol’s special offer offers over two hundred apartments in several Polish cities. When buying an apartment in Krakow or Wieliczka, customers can save up to PLN 85,000. zloty. Customers in Gdańsk will receive a similar discount. The largest bonuses will amount to over PLN 100,000. zloty.

One of the largest development companies in the country announced that it has joined the world-famous November promotion campaign, which is an opportunity to make purchases with significant discounts. Over two hundred apartments in several Polish cities were included in the Black Week housing program. “You can save over PLN 100,000. zloty” – convinces the investor.

The investor notes that the price discounts it will offer to customers will take a slightly different form. “The price of the premises from the November offer includes a discount, up to two parking spaces above ground or in underground garage halls, a premium smart home and insurance against the loss of a permanent source of income” – we read.

Customers are waiting for lower apartment prices. The first signals can be seen in the analyses

Internet users who have been monitoring the situation on the real estate market for a long time have no doubt that this is the end of housing prices. Many of them are convinced that real estate prices will not only not go up as before, but will start to fall in the coming weeks or months.

In their opinion, sellers have already lost their temper in October, and now they will encourage people with promotions that are supposed to lower apartment prices. They refer to October’s expert analyses, which show that prices per square meter of housing have slowed down significantly or are the same as in the previous month.

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