National Food Group: We take responsibility for the safety of Poles

National Food Group: We take responsibility for the safety of Poles

Broken supply chains, the pandemic, and finally Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and a full-scale war just across our eastern border have caused the slogan “food security” to completely change its role and show how important it is to responsibly invest domestic capital in domestic land.

The Gold 100 of Polish Agriculture of the weekly “Wprost” clearly demonstrated the strength of the Polish agricultural sector. It turned out that the companies from the ranking achieved revenue of over PLN 220 billion in 2022. One of the key players was Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa (a very important element of the National Food Group), which was not only the only sugar company with exclusively Polish capital that was included in this prestigious ranking, but also outclassed its German competition.

Today, no one needs to be convinced how important the nationality of capital is. Especially in the agri-food sector. Because it is absolutely connected with food security itself.

The agricultural sector comes first

– For many years I have been raising awareness and explaining that one’s own, independent food production sector is the basis of the security of every country – explained the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Robert Telus, in an interview with “Wprost”. – Not everyone understood me then. They laughed that potatoes could be brought from Belarus for pennies. And when we had a moment when stores were empty due to panic during the pandemic, people’s eyes were opened. They realized that it is not the yacht in the Maldives or the fifth apartment on the 30th floor that is most important in life, but meeting their nutritional needs.

And he argued that the Polish government, as well as its dependent entities – including the National Food Group – focused primarily on the development of the agricultural sector, as it is crucial for our independence and security.

The National Food Group has invested in the development of its own plants, introducing innovative technologies and staying ahead of the competition. All this so that the final recipient – the consumer – can get the highest quality product at the lowest possible price.

Investments in the future

The pulp pressing stations in the branches of the National Food Group will soon be modernized. The modernization will include stations in the “Cukrownia Dobrzelin” and “Cukrownia Nakło” branches.

– As part of the investment, two new high-pressure presses with associated equipment will be purchased and installed – Marek Zagórski, president of the National Food Group, tells us. – In the “Cukrownia Kruszwica” branch, the reconstruction of the evaporation station from a 6-gun system to a 7-gun system is continued. This investment will reduce the consumption of heating steam in the beet processing process. Meanwhile, in the “Cukrownia Kluczewo” branch, the lime burning station will be modernized, in which, among others, a new lime kiln will be built.

Investments were also made in the “Cukrownia Werbkowice” branch, where a new gantry and grab crane will be purchased and installed. It will ensure efficient unloading of coal from railway wagons and improve safety conditions during coal unloading works.

Corporate social responsibility

At the same time, the company is aware of how important an element of the functioning of large business is its social responsibility and the implementation of CSR in practice, and not only in marketing slogans. – An expression of concern for the quality of produced sugar and by-products, the natural environment and positive relations with partners is the “Policy of the Integrated Management System of the National Food Group” adopted by the company’s management board – adds President Zagórski.

An example is the decision to start the construction of two sewage treatment plants in the branches of “Cukrownia Malbork” and the already mentioned “Cukrownia Nakło”. In turn, as part of the expansion of the “Cukrownia Dobrzelin” branch, the area of ​​receiving and preparing raw material for processing will be modernized. The construction of a dry beet unloading station and a beet washing line is planned for the 2022/2023 financial year. A similar reconstruction of the beet washing line is planned in the “Cukrownia Kluczewo” branch.

All branches of the National Food Group also plan to purchase several dozen high-efficiency pump units and replace the most worn-out ones. In addition, the necessary frequency converters will be purchased and electrical connections will be modernized. The aim of these investments is to eliminate the risk of various failures and reduce electricity consumption.

We remember history

The entities included in the National Food Group are enterprises with many years of tradition, and their employees are dedicated people who often work here from generation to generation. A prime example of these words is the Werbkowice Cukrownia, which celebrated its 60th anniversary this year. The construction of the production plant began in April 1961, and the plant was launched two years later – on November 19, 1963.

Since then, the company has undergone an incredible metamorphosis, from an entity that purchases beets from farmers, transforming into one of the most modern technological plants in Europe.

– Over the years, we have managed to create an entity in this place that maintains continuity, despite the changing fate and politics. This achievement was achieved by the National Food Group and the Werbkowice Cukrownia. Once again, I would like to congratulate everyone who contributed to this success, said President Zagórski during the ceremonial celebrations.

The director of the Werbkowice sugar factory, Maryla Symczuk, also expressed gratitude and joy at the 60th anniversary of the plant. She argued that the plant’s success would not be possible without the involvement of presidents, management board members, directors, management staff and employees who are the architects of this achievement.

– Remembering these 60 years full of challenges cannot be complete without attention paid to our main partners, growers, investment contractors and suppliers – said director Symczuk.

Because the key to the success of the entire Group is model cooperation with Polish agricultural producers. Without local farmers, their commitment and hard daily work, there would not be the highest quality products of the National Food Group. This is a typical example of win-win cooperation. The company receives the highest quality agricultural produce delivered on time and with appropriate qualifications, and producers have the opportunity to develop their farms. Because what the National Food Group guarantees its suppliers is financial stability and economic certainty. In the agri-food sector, it is the basis for the development of your farm.

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