Both elusive. The Polish consul in Budapest wanted to give him a summons

Both elusive.  The Polish consul in Budapest wanted to give him a summons

Another attempt to send Daniel Obajtek a summons to a hearing before the visa scandal committee ended in failure. This time the Polish consul in Budapest tried to pass them on.

On June 3, spokesman for the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, Piotr Skiba, announced that the prosecutor's office had contacted Daniel Obajtek's attorney. Through the attorney representing the former president of Orlen, a new date was set for the hearing at the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw in the investigation into false testimony.

Daniel Obajtek is also expected to testify at the commission of inquiry into the visa scandal. He has already failed to appear at the hearing twice.

This week, Radio Zet and FRONTSTORY.PL found out that Daniel Obajtek is using a luxury apartment in Budapest belonging to a company of businessmen associated with Viktor Orban's son-in-law. The former president of Orlen is to stay overnight in Hungary or Slovakia and only “stop by” in Podkarpacie, where he is campaigning for the European Parliament elections. Obajtek replied that he was “conducting business talks abroad” and accused the journalist of participating in the KO campaign.

Daniel Obajtek elusive. The consul wanted to serve him a summons

After these reports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took steps to serve Obajtek with a summons for questioning regarding the visa scandal.

On Thursday morning, the Polish consul appeared in front of a tenement house in Andrássy Avenue in Budapest. Daniel Obajtek occupies one of the apartments there. However, the consul did not find the former head of PKN Orlen there. Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Paweł Wroński told PAP that the diplomat tried to deliver the summons twice, without success.

Obajtek's absence from the visa scandal committee this week was not a big surprise. The former president of Orlen announced in an interview with PAP that he would not appear at the hearing because he did not have time for it due to the end of the European Parliament election campaign.

The commission members decided in a vote that a fine of PLN 3,000 would be imposed on the former president of Orlen. zlotys. Daniel Obajtek is also to be detained and forcibly brought before the commission. The next meeting of the committee is to be held on Friday, June 7. Jarosław Kaczyński is to appear at 9:00, and Daniel Obajtek at 12.

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