PO spokesman on pay raises for teachers and the budget. He indicated the date

PO spokesman on pay raises for teachers and the budget.  He indicated the date

KO announced 30% in the campaign. raises for teachers. Jan Grabiec explained that they will be effective from January 1, 2024. The spokesman for the Civic Platform also spoke about the 20%. increases for the budget.

Donald Tusk recorded a video summarizing the election results. PO leader, among others he turned to Andrzej Duda. – Mr. President, people are waiting for the first decisions that will be a consequence of these elections. Even teachers, for this 30 percent. raises or the budget sphere. Quick decisions also mean such a sense of relief and satisfaction for those who have been waiting for this change, Tusk said.

Jan Grabiec about Donald Tusk’s recording directed at Andrzej Duda

Jan Grabiec was asked about the former prime minister’s words on Polsat News. The spokesman for the Civic Platform explained that the increases were to be as soon as possible. He assured that the increases will be from January 1, 2024 – 30%. it’s compensation for teachers. This compensation is certainly due. This profession is one of the most pauperized in recent years, whose rank and importance have been declining for eight years, he began.

Grabiec continued that a 20% reduction was planned for the budget. raises, but he emphasized that it all depends on positions, because people in managerial positions cannot count on higher salaries. The PO spokesman also mentioned that it would be necessary to consider reducing the number of officials. – This is the specific thing we have committed to, we will implement it – concluded Grabiec.

100 specifics of KO for the first 100 days of rule. What about education?

The Civic Coalition’s demands for the first 100 days of the government include a promise that pay raises for teachers will amount to at least 30% and not less than PLN 1,500 gross. “We will introduce a permanent automatic revaluation system. We will restore the autonomy and prestige of the teaching profession – less bureaucracy, greater independence in choosing reading materials and expanding topics,” reads one of the promises.

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