Marek Suski under surveillance with Pegasus. The MP commented on the reports

Marek Suski under surveillance with Pegasus.  The MP commented on the reports

PiS MP Marek Suski commented on the use of the Pegasus system. This politician is one of 31 people summoned by the prosecutor's office for questioning as a victim.

The information about Marek Suski's summons was confirmed by the spokesman of the National Prosecutor's Office, prosecutor Przemysław Nowak. Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General Adam Bodnar previously informed that the 31 summoned included people who were either under surveillance or in their case had a “belief bordering on certainty” that Pegasus had been used against them.

Marek Suski writes about Pegasus. Asking questions

On Saturday, April 27, the PiS MP commented on the case via the X platform. “Apparently, prosecutor Nowak revealed that I was summoned for questioning regarding the so-called »Pegasus«. It's very interesting. Did the prosecutor reveal all the names or only selected ones? Minister Bodnar said that the matter of revealing names is a matter of people summoned for questioning,” Suski wrote.

“Then the question arises: So, if the prosecutor reveals the names, he is breaking the minister's recommendation? I ask Minister Bodnar: what do you say? Have you changed your mind and recommended providing all names or only some?” – asked the politician.
“And if you did not recommend that the names of those summoned for questioning be disclosed to the prosecutor's office, will you take any consequences against the prosecutor who acted against the recommendations?” – he continued.

“Mr. Bodnar, are you playing a political game through the prosecutor's office and the prosecutor's office under your supervision is a tool of political struggle? Or maybe the prosecutor is playing his own political game? I expect an answer from you, Minister Bodnar, and explanations from Prime Minister Tusk,” wrote Suski on X.

Suski asked about Pegasus. An unexpected answer

Onet journalists also asked the PiS politician about this issue. However, the answer they received did not concern the topic of Pegasus. “Today, Law and Justice is debating what kind of union we want. The fate of Poland for future generations will be decided in the upcoming elections. Will we be a democratic and sovereign state, or will Poland be subordinated to the interests of the stronger? Defending Poland against harmful for us, but also for most nations, is the most important issue of the upcoming elections,” wrote the MP.

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