Plane collision in Kenya. Two people died

Plane collision in Kenya.  Two people died

The machines flew into each other over Nairobi National Park. As a result of the accident, a student and trainer of a smaller training aircraft died.

On Tuesday, March 5, a plane crash occurred over a national park located on the outskirts of the capital of Kenya. The planes, which were about to pass each other in the air, collided with each other, killing two passengers. There were 39 tourists on board the larger Safarilink Aviation plane, which were heading from Nairobi to the popular seaside resort. The second machine served as a training aircraft.

Plane collision in Kenya

Collisions between two planes most often occur at airports. We reported last month about one such incident, during which two machines came into contact with each other on the plate, causing damage. These types of accidents, which occur in the air, do not occur very often and pose a particular danger. On March 5 at 10:05 a passenger plane and a small training aircraft collided over the capital of Kenya. The Safarilink Aviation plane took off just before 10:00 a.m. from Wilson Airport in Nairobi when the pilot suddenly heard a bang. It turned out that while already in the air, the machine collided with a small training plane. The crew of the passenger plane managed to return safely to the airport.

There were 39 tourists and 5 crew members on board Safarilink Aviation who were heading to the seaside resort of Diani Beach. None of the people on the plane were injured. The local airline takes tourists to hard-to-reach places and popular holiday destinations – its offer includes expeditions to Kilimanjaro, the Masai Mara reserve, Zanzibar and safari. The carrier's fleet includes small planes adapted to difficult conditions and carrying a maximum of several dozen people on board.

Two people from the training plane died

Although all tourists on board survived, the passengers of the smaller plane were not so lucky. “I can confirm that the student and trainer present on the training plane died during the incident,” Nairobi District Police Commander Adamson Bungei told Reuters news agency. Kenyan media published photos from the crash site that showed a small crashed plane lying in Nairobi National Park, a popular reserve inhabited by African wildlife.

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