Increasingly tense situation in Greece. The fire reached the vicinity of Athens

Increasingly tense situation in Greece.  The fire reached the vicinity of Athens

Hundreds of fires are burning Greece in various places. Unfortunately, the fire also reached the vicinity of Athens. The country’s capital is under threat. This week, the element took the lives of 20 people.

A few days ago, fires broke out again in Greece. As the situation on the country’s popular holiday islands calmed down, the fire began to devour the mainland. It became dangerous, right on the border with Turkey. Thousands of people were evacuated, and firefighters and planes were called to fight the disaster.

While the situation seemed to be under control, there were reports that the fire was reaching the vicinity of Athens. Strong winds and high temperatures do not help in solving the problem.

Fire in Greece. The fire reached the vicinity of Athens

Greek firefighters, supported by planes, are fighting a blaze that is spreading in the vicinity of Athens. It is one of the hundreds of elements that have been ravaging the country recently. This week alone, the fire has killed 20 people.

Several hundred people fled their homes across the country after fires broke out in northern Greece on Saturday due to heat and strong winds. This is the second such wave this year.

Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Vassilis Kikilias said there were 355 fires since Friday, including 209 in the last 48 hours. He added that fire teams were making “superhuman efforts” to contain them. The fire department warned that the number of fires could increase, and spokesman Ioannis Artopios said conditions remain “difficult and in some cases even extreme”.

About 20km north of Athens, more than 200 firefighters supported by volunteers – as well as 65 vehicles and 15 aircraft – were fighting a blaze that broke out early Tuesday morning near Fyli, a village in the foothills of Athens. The capital is covered with smoke and ashes.

By Wednesday, around 150 people had been evacuated by bus from three nursing homes in Menidi. They were transported to hotels or other care facilities. Police ordered other residents to leave the building after a fire helicopter flew overhead, dropping water on the flames.

The fires this summer are not going away

In the northern region of Evros, which borders Turkey, the fire is in its fifth day. On Tuesday, rescuers discovered 18 burnt bodies, believed to be migrants, in the Dadia forest area. This is the route that people from the Middle East and Asia are trying to get to the European Union.

In the nearby port city of Alexandroupolis, dozens of hospital patients – some on stretchers, others with drips – were evacuated to a ferry.

Summer wildfires are common in Greece, but this year they are intense due to unusually hot, dry and windy weather, which scientists link to climate change.

“This summer is the worst since meteorological data began to be collected,” said Minister Kikilias.

In July, tens of thousands of foreign tourists were evacuated from the island of Rhodes, where a fire raged for a week, reaching hotels and popular resorts. The fire was also spreading to the island of Kos, and Crete was on the highest fire alert for weeks.

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