The “My electrician” program has been running for a month now. The minister revealed how many people applied for the subsidy

The "My electrician" program has been running for a month now.  The minister revealed how many people applied for the subsidy

After a month of operation of the “My electrician” program, half a thousand applications for co-financing the purchase of zero-emission cars, i.e. electric and hydrogen cars, were received, informed the Minister of Climate and Environment, Michał Kurtyka.

– We have the first month of its operation. Already half a thousand applications. Let us remind you that these are the applications that must be confirmed with an order from the vehicle seller – Kurtyka said in the “Money. It counts”. – We have the first hundred applications that were submitted with the Large Family Card, i.e. with this increased level of financing – added.

Electric car subsidy

The “My electrician” program in a new version, taking into account previous experience and trends in the electromobility sector, gives natural persons the opportunity to receive a non-refundable subsidy from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management for the purchase of brand new zero-emission vehicles of the M1 category, the price (purchase cost) of which does not exceed PLN 225,000, and the price limit does not apply to holders of the Large Family Card. The subsidy is up to PLN 18,750, while in the case of families with three or more children it can reach PLN 27,000. PLN, marked.

The call for applications from natural persons will last until September 30, 2025 or until the funds allocated for this purpose are exhausted. The recruitment budget is up to PLN 100 million, while this year PLN 500 million will be allocated to the implementation of the entire “My electrician” program in the form of non-refundable forms of funding. PLN 400 million will go to co-financing zero-emission vehicles for enterprises.

– This will be done under leasing. (…) Banks will distribute this PLN 400 million to leasing companies – emphasized the minister.

Applicants who are not natural persons will be able to apply for funding for more than one vehicle, and the amount of the subsidy will depend on the type of car and expected mileage. Co-financing for the purchase of N1 category delivery vehicles will amount to up to PLN 70,000. zloty. The condition will be to declare an average annual mileage of over 20,000. km.

The program will be implemented until 2026, with the conclusion of contracts lasting until December 31, 2025, and the period of spending the funds – until June 30, 2026.

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