Pia Skrzyszowska revealed her secret after winning gold. It wasn't visible

Pia Skrzyszowska revealed her secret after winning gold.  It wasn't visible

Pia Skrzyszowska won the first gold in her career, looking at the Polish Indoor Championships. The player revealed what happened during training.

Let us remind you that the 68th PZLA Indoor World Championships are attended by the best Polish female and male athletes. It is also the last test, especially before the World Indoor Championships in Glasgow (March 1-3) and the later, “open” European Championships in Rome (June 7-12) and the Olympic Games in Paris (July 26 – August 11).

Pia Skrzyszowska revealed her secret after winning HMP 2024

In the context of the upcoming World Championships in Glasgow, the HMP 2024 gold medalist in the 60-meter hurdles race spoke. The championship title was won, but it wasn't easy.

– I feel safe and I think that every time I run, the result is decent. Other girls also run very fast in the country. I know that I cannot afford to make bigger mistakes, because the final race was already fast – said Skrzyszowska right after winning the title.

The 2022 European champion admitted that the last training period was not the easiest for her. Skrzyszowska had to cope with a lot of workload. However, the Polish athlete managed to put on a solid performance in Toruń.

– I didn't train like I did for the competition this week. It was a much, much harder training. A normal gym, after which I had three days of soreness, I couldn't move. Hurdles were also more about endurance than speed. This week was different, completely different. So the final result is OK, said the Warsaw resident.

The Polish champion wants to improve even further

In addition to heavy loads, Skrzyszowska works on eliminating a certain technical error during training. As you can see, although the athlete's medal achievements include her first indoor Polish Championship gold, she still has something to work on.

– We definitely want to improve technically. We noticed what was wrong during the indoor season, so we will try to eliminate it. In these two weeks until the World Championships, I think it will be successful. We know what to work on during training and competitions. We want it to be perfect, added Skrzyszowska.

HMP in Toruń will end on Sunday (i.e. February 18), late evening. We encourage you to follow the coverage of the event directly from Toruń on the sports website of Wprost.pl.

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