Iga Świątek couldn’t stand it. She had to interrupt the interview

Iga Świątek couldn't stand it.  She had to interrupt the interview

Iga Świątek has great respect for her fans and not only. The other way around, however, is different, as we saw during her last match at the US Open. Then she interrupted the interview.

The support of fans is very important for athletes, especially in such mentally demanding disciplines as tennis. Iga Świątek appreciates how helpful her fans are on a daily basis, although from time to time one of them crosses the line. This was the case, for example, during the last match of the first racket of the WTA ranking at the US Open. The player from Raszyn told about it in an interview, which she had to stop anyway.

Iga Świątek had an additional opponent in the US Open match

The aforementioned meeting in the second round of this Grand Slam tournament was not easy for Biało-Czerwona. Although she faced a competitor from the fourth hundred of the general classification, she caused the Polish a lot of problems. Świątek admittedly closed the match in two sets, although it was literally a triumph.

“There was little rhythm to it, and my opponent plays a completely different tennis than most players. I’m glad I managed to stay consistent – ​​that’s how she summed up her performance in an interview with a Eurosport reporter. However, as it turned out in a moment, our compatriot did not compete only with Daria Saville, but also with an overzealous viewer.

Iga Świątek turned to an annoying fan

Therefore, we witnessed a rather bizarre scene during which the same man even disrupted Świątek’s conversation with a journalist. At one point, she stopped what she was saying, turned around, and addressed the person directly.

– I’m sorry, but you spoke to me throughout the match and now too … I’m giving an interview – said the clearly nervous tennis player. She informed the reporter that this was not the only moment when the same fan disturbed her. It turned out that earlier, during the clash with Daria Saville, the man in the audience irritated the Raszyn resident. – I’m sorry, but this man coached me literally with every ball – explained Świątek.

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