An unusual cloud in the Polish sky. She looked like a tornado

An unusual cloud in the Polish sky.  She looked like a tornado

A video showing the mysterious phenomenon was published on the Internet. Experts explain that we are dealing with a type of cloud called Stratocumulus lenticularis.

Another unusual phenomenon appeared in the Polish sky. At the end of January, the inhabitants of our country could observe a unique hole called a cavum. Now the Facebook portal “Polish Storm Hunters” has published a video showing a cloud that resembles a tornado or even a UFO ship. As experts explain, it is a lenticular cloud, one of the rarest stratocumulus clouds.

A cloud that looks like a tornado

On Thursday, February 16, a unique recording was published on the profile of “Polish Storm Hunters”, which brings together enthusiasts of observing weather phenomena. In the short video we can see a dark and menacing-looking cloud, which, according to the authors of the post, may resemble a tornado or even a UFO ship. A video showing an unusual phenomenon was recorded by one of the Internet users in Gilowice in Żywiec County. It turns out that the cloud has nothing to do with the tornado, although the possibility of seeing it in Poland is also not a common occurrence.

Stratocumulus lenticularis, or lenticular cloud

The recorded cloud is one of the rarest stratocumulus clouds. Stratocumulus lenticularis belongs to the middle layer and its shape resembles a lens, from where it gets its Latin name. It is created by the condensation of water vapor in places where the temperature is low and the pressure is high. It does not bring rainfall and usually heralds the arrival of a cold front. A lenticular cloud forms when moist air rises over mountain ridges. “It usually lies parallel to the mountain line and at right angles to the wind direction. It is closely related to the phenomenon of foehn,” we read in the description of the film posted on Facebook. Internet users also shared their experiences in the comments – they also saw similar clouds in other parts of Poland.

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