National team crashes, PiS reaches for new weapons and a ranking of the most expensive works of art. What else in “Wprost”?

National team crashes, PiS reaches for new weapons and a ranking of the most expensive works of art.  What else in "Wprost"?

Additionally in the edition: Bronisław Komorowski about handing out money, Adrian Zandberg about stealing demands, Filip Chajzer about independence, prof. Lew-Starowicz on sexual longevity, pro-nuclear international versus Greenpeace, EU veto attack, gays betrayed by the Church and many others.

“There is only one solution.” The key to airing out this musty locker room lies not in the pockets of either a new sniper or another Western hotshot, but in ourselves. In realizing that we will play neither like Germans nor like French, but like Poles. Getting tired of the ball, but delivering, he writes Marcin Makowski.

“We thank you for this.” Let’s be honest – Fernando Santos’ term in the national team made no sense. The Portuguese took over a bad team and turned it into a terrible one. Huge disappointment. He traced the path to the former coach’s downfall Mariusz Bielski.

“Marek Papszun or Michał Probierz?” Currently, there are two candidates for the coach of the Polish national team – Marek Papszun and Michał Probierz. Mariusz Bielski PZPN suggests which one is worth choosing and why.

What else in the new “Wprost”

“Wealth is not the result of handing out money.” – We are a society on the rise, so telling people that they can quit their jobs and wait for others to solve their problems is dangerous – he says Agnieszka Szczepanska former president of the Republic of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski.

“Poor mood of the opposition.” – Tusk’s recent moves show that he has given up on winning and is counting on early elections – says the opposition politician. As he adds, the PO leader hopes that KO will win with a significant advantage. More in the text Joanna Miziołek.

“We are the trendsetters of Polish politics.” – Every election, liberals discover their inner social democrats and smile at leftist voters. Until the vote – he says in an interview Marcin Makowski one of the leaders of the Razem party, Adrian Zandberg.

“PiS reaches for a new weapon.” PiS decided to take a step that has never been seen before in Polish politics. It broadcasts dozens of advertisements online, which are intended to reach residents of specific counties, he writes Piotr Barejka.

“Independence is the most important thing.” Filip Chajzerasked by Katarzyna Burzyńska-Sychowiczwhether, in his opinion, Edward Miszczak still loves him, he replied: – I think so. (…) He can call, but it doesn’t have to be a phone call with a proposition.

“Atomic Greta Thunberg.” Krystyna Romanowska talks about the necessity of nuclear energy with Julia Gałoszbiology student, representative of the youth pro-nuclear climate international.

“Girls ‘of a Certain Age'”. – In biology textbooks, a woman ends with giving birth to a child. (…) Not a word about menopause or aging changes, she says Marta Byczkowska-Nowak Ania Okapopularizer of knowledge about maturity and old age.

“Freedom from the Church”. – I didn’t feel like I was cheating anyone or hiding anything. But people started saying that gays couldn’t be priests – he says in the book “This is also our Christ” Marcin Dzierżanowski Łukasz Kachnowiczformer priest, out gay.

“Men desire sexual longevity.” This is not the Holy Grail, it is within the realm of possibility – more and more men are interested in the “recipe” for sexual longevity. What motivates them? There are several reasons, he writes prof. Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz.

“The 30 most expensive Polish works of art”. After the fever of the pandemic, the Polish art market has cooled down. Despite the declines, auction houses are holding up well. And among the most expensive-selling works there are several sensations. Including a painting by a 39-year-old from Warsaw, which went for well over PLN 2 million. Ranking Szymon Krawiec.

“The EU faces a historic decision.” The head of the European Commission says that the EU will be ready for Ukraine when the veto disappears, which the current Polish government wants to defend like independence. He writes about the consequences of this movement Jakub Mielnik.

“Armenia looks to the West.” Armenians are looking for new partners. – In a moment, it may turn out that they would prefer the Russians to be replaced by NATO troops – he says in an interview Michał Banasiak Kacper Ochmanexpert on the South Caucasus.

“Everything will be decided by Beijing anyway.” Communist Korea, like Putin’s Russia, is dependent on China. It will be Beijing that will decide whether Putin will manage to use Kim as a cover to transfer Chinese weapons to Russia, he warns Jakub Mielnik.

“Capitalism is better than socialism.” – Marxism and the currently strong green movement are destroying the German economy – he says in an interview with Agaton Koziński Dr. Rainer ZitelmannGerman sociologist and entrepreneur, author of the book “In Defense of Capitalism”.

“Novels taken from real life.” They wrote novels for the first time: a German film, theater and opera director, a Polish poet, an American journalist and a French political scientist. Each one is worth reading. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Recommends Leszek Bugajski.

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