Kukiz recalled an interview from years ago. “I’m thinking more and more that maybe you were right.”

Kukiz recalled an interview from years ago.  “I'm thinking more and more that maybe you were right.”

On Tuesday, January 30, Paweł Kukiz appeared in the “Debata Dnia” program on Polsat News. He took the opportunity to remind the host of the program, Agnieszka Gozdyra, about her words from years ago.

Paweł Kukiz from the Kukiz’15 movement and Michał Szczerba from KO discussed on Polsat News with Agnieszka Gozdyra. The first politician emphasized that he would most like to “change Poland’s political system”, and for this purpose he would even be ready to vote for shortening the term of office of the Sejm. He would only have to have a guarantee that this would lead to the implementation of his most important demands, such as a majority electoral law, lowering the thresholds for referenda and justices of the peace.

Paweł Kukiz is losing faith in changes

However, he wisely noted that these were “dreams bordering on science fiction.” – Law and Justice, with the help of Confederation, voted for a bill lowering the turnout threshold in local referenda from 30 to 15 percent. PSL, which had this demand included in its program, refrained from implementing this bill. The Senate rejected the bill in its entirety, Kukiz noted.

– I talked to Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz about whether they would reject the Senate veto and he said that they would abstain and thus this bill, which would largely empower citizens, did not enter into force – he added. On the occasion of the referendum, the politician returned to Agnieszka Gozdyra’s old statement.

Kukiz returned to the old conversation

– A few years ago, you hosted the “Scandalists” program, to which I was invited. I kept telling myself that when I’m on your program, I’ll have to remember this. I remember that I spoke about referendums with great fervor at that time. And then you said this: “Or maybe people just don’t want it?” Then I thought it was impossible. You know what, now I think more and more often that maybe you were right, admitted Kukiz.

– People don’t know, they don’t know what it is. Maybe they really don’t want to be between a rock and a hard place, he wondered aloud. At this point, Michał Szczerba intervened and accused PiS of “compromising the idea of ​​the referendum” with its recent actions.

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