Ziobro attacks Tusk regarding Judge Szmydt. “He is afraid of the facts and lies again”

Ziobro attacks Tusk regarding Judge Szmydt.  "He is afraid of the facts and lies again"

“Tusk's secret services have now allowed the escape of a judge whom they have considered for half a year to be a Russian spy,” wrote Zbigniew Ziobro, again attacking Donald Tusk regarding Judge Szmydt.

Judge Tomasz Szmydt's escape to Belarus has been the loudest topic in Polish politics in recent days. On Wednesday, a college for secret services was held, attended by Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

After the meeting, the head of government attacked PiS. – They built a system in which such people, without important moral qualifications, were promoted, were close to power and were engaged in villainy. This was the man who arranged the so-called hate scandal – recalled Donald Tusk. The head of government argued that “PiS made space for them because they needed such people.”

Ziobro responds to Tusk: Should we continue enumerating the achievements of these comrades?

Zbigniew Ziobro once again responded to Donald Tusk's words, accusing the Prime Minister of lying yesterday.

“Tusk is afraid of the facts and is lying again that it was the PiS government that supported Judge Szmydt's promotions,” said the former Minister of Justice in an entry added on the X website. “And the facts are that it was the old caste National Council of the Judiciary that promoted him three times, and Komorowski and Kwaśniewski handed out the appointments,” he added.

Then he listed several more accusations against the activities of the secret services during the government of the Civic Platform, accusing the prime minister of being pro-Russian.

“It is also a fact that during Donald Tusk's government, officers of the Polish secret services drank vodka with agents of the Russian FSB. It was Tusk's services that agreed to a cooperation agreement with the Moscow agency. It was Tusk who wanted “dialogue” with Russia and hugged Putin. It was Tusk who said: “Putin and I will make sure that no one throws sand into the wheels” when they wanted to sign an agreement with Gazprom that was unfavorable for Poland. It was Tusk who abolished visas for Russians and defended it even after the annexation of Crimea. It was Tusk's special services that now allowed the judge, whom they had considered for half a year to be a Russian spy, to escape. Continue enumerating the achievements of these comrades?” – Ziobro asks rhetorically.

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