New information about Zbigniew Ziobro’s health condition. “Radical life-saving therapy”

New information about Zbigniew Ziobro's health condition.  "Radical life-saving therapy"

Patryk Jaki provided the latest news about the health of the former Minister of Justice. The acting president of Sovereign Poland revealed that Zbigniew Ziobro “decided for immediate radical therapy.”

News about Zbigniew Ziobro’s poor health appeared shortly after the former Minister of Justice failed to appear at important votes in the Sejm. In mid-December, Sovereign Poland issued an official statement in which it confirmed reports of the president’s illness. From now on, Ziobro’s duties are performed by Patryk Jaki.

The PiS MEP, asked about the health condition of the leader of Sovereign Poland, indicated in an interview with Interia that doctors diagnosed Zbigniew Ziobro with an advanced malignant tumor. – This diagnosis fell on him and us like a bolt from the blue – admitted the politician.

Jaki and Ziobrze: The diagnosis came like a bolt from the blue

It is not clear how serious the former prosecutor general’s situation is, but Jaki clearly spoke about the threat to his life. – The boss consulted this situation in several oncology centers. He decided to undergo immediate radical therapy as the only way to save his life in this situation. I called him at the hospital with Christmas wishes. He is tough and, despite difficult negotiations, he is deeply convinced that he will win this battle and come back to us. We believe in it too and we all keep our fingers crossed for him, assured Patryk Jaki.

The politician also referred to the allegations that appeared in the public media that the leader of Sovereign Poland was to avoid responsibility for his actions while serving as head of the Ministry of Justice by staying in the hospital. – Those who wrote this should hold their wallets. We have ordered all such insinuating statements to be secured for future court proceedings, assured Patryk Jaki.

Recently, Janusz Kowalski criticized Roman Giertych’s motion in the Sejm to revoke Zbigniew Ziobro’s immunity. – If you want to sue a seriously ill man, sue me. I will even waive my immunity today. I appeal to your humanity, said the MP.

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