PO-Confederation coalition possible? “Sometimes interesting ideas, sometimes crazy”

PO-Confederation coalition possible?  "Sometimes interesting ideas, sometimes crazy"

PO spokesman Jan Grabiec referred to the possible scenario of forming a PO-Confederation coalition. He said that it was “reading tea leaves”, but the party had interesting ideas.

In the “Graffiti” program on Polsat News, PO spokesman Jan Grabiec was asked about coalition scenarios after the parliamentary elections. In the latest Social Changes poll, the Confederation overtook Third Way and the Left, which means that if PiS and PO fail to obtain a majority, it may determine the balance of power in the Polish Sejm.

– It is important that there is no PiS-Confederation agreement. He will be deadly for Poland, said Jan Grabiec. He also added that “sometimes Confederates have interesting ideas.” – For example, regarding tax reform. At least in part, because sometimes they are crazy and detached from reality, he said.

PO-Confederation? “Maybe a minority government will work”

– But if they form a coalition with PiS, they will soon vote for PLN 1,500 because the president orders it. And if they don’t go, maybe it will be possible to create at least a minority government that will allow PiS to be removed from the tools of power that are being abused – he speculated.

When asked whether a coalition with the Confederation was excluded, he said he “does not know what will happen to it after the elections.” – This is fraught with so many question marks that talking about it is more like reading the tea leaves than building political scenarios – he said.

PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek commented on Grabiec’s statement.

– The fact that Mr. Grabiec sees common points in the programs of PO and Confederation does not surprise me, he said. – The Confederation clearly states that the 13th and 14th pensions should be abolished, as well as ZUS, probably KRUS, and the National Health Fund. She doesn’t like social programs and wants to eliminate the public health service by introducing vouchers for medical services, he added.

The website DoRzeczy.pl recently presented a simulation of the distribution of seats, prepared by experts from the Estimator studio. It shows that Law and Justice would introduce 198 representatives to the Sejm, which is not enough to govern independently. The Civic Coalition could count on 144 seats. 51 seats in the Sejm would go to the Confederation.

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