Jumping legend with recognition about Thomas Thurnbichler. He asks for trust

Jumping legend with recognition about Thomas Thurnbichler.  He asks for trust

Thomas Thurnbichler is not having an easy time as coach of the Polish ski jumping team. The Austrian changes a lot to improve the players’ very poor results. Legend has no doubt that he is the right specialist for the right place. However, he is asking for a bit of trust.

Thomas Thurnbichler is working with Polish jumpers for the second season. So far, the current struggles are not going well for his players. You should not look for players not only in the first, but also in the second ten best starters. Reaching the final round is considered a small success. Despite this, the Austrian still enjoys great recognition.

The ski jumping legend praises Thurnbichler

Thurnbichler has already made a big change by resigning from further cooperation with assistant Mark Noelke. His place was replaced by Wojciech Topór, well known to ski jumpers. Despite this, the Four Hills Tournament is not going as fans and competitors expected. Unexpectedly, Dawid Kubacki did not qualify for the competition in Innsbruck, which is a huge surprise.

Gregor Schlierenzauer speaks highly of the Polish coach. The ski jumping legend, who ended his career a few years ago, appeared at the competition in Innsbruck. The winner of 53 World Cup competitions said in an interview with TVP Sport that Thurnbichler deserves a bit of trust. Both men know each other from their time together. The two-time winner of the Crystal Ball added that his friend was still gaining experience.

– That something is temporarily wrong with you, because the results of the competitions clearly show that. It’s hard for me to say more without asking people, but I can say something about Thomas Thurnbichler. We have been jumping together for many years and we know each other very well. You must know that he is a really great person, very motivated and eager to succeed, willing to work. This is a good foundation to try to build or rebuild something, said Schlierenzauer. – He is young, he has to collect it somewhere and someday. I believe that he will get out of the hole he found himself in with your team. It’s really worth trusting him – added the legendary Austrian player.

Piotr Żyła was the highest among Poles in the World Cup

In the 2023/2024 World Cup classification, Piotr Żyła is the highest among Poles. The competitor takes 23rd place. The leader is Austrian Stefan Kraft.

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