Polish footballers are effective in this element. There was only one mishap

Polish footballers are effective in this element.  There was only one mishap

In the match against Wales, the Polish national team took penalties for the fourth time in history. Statistics show that they perform excellently in this element.

These are the best moments of the Polish national football team in a long time. After the disastrous group qualifying rounds for Euro 2024, the Polish team saved the situation in the play-offs. However, advancement to the tournament in Germany was hanging in the balance. In the play-off final, penalties were needed to determine the winner because the scoreboard was 0-0 after overtime. Our players turned out to be better in them, which highlights their class in this aspect.

Poles perform great elevenses

As noted by football statistician Cezary Kawecki on Platform In total, they took 19 such shots and as many as 18 were converted into a goal.

Penalty shootout competitions with the participation of the Polish national team took place three times in the 21st century. We are talking about the clashes with Switzerland and Portugal in Euro 2016 and Tuesday's meeting with Wales.

If we look at the entire history of the Polish national team and the penalty kicks performed by the players, only Jakub Błaszczykowski made a mistake during the Euro 2016 quarterfinals against Portugal. Against Wales, the following players added goals: Robert Lewandowski, Sebastian Szymański, Przemysław Frankowski, Nicola Zalewski and Krzysztof Piątek.

Only Portugal beat us

Of course, the victory against Wales with a score of 5:4 meant that Portugal was the only team in history that turned out to be better than us in the competition. During Euro 2016, which has been mentioned many times by fans, the team led by Fernando Santos, after winning against Poland, defeated Wales in the semi-final of the tournament, and defeated France in the final and became European champions.

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