Itaka was to launch flights from Radom to Egypt. Tours have been postponed

Itaka was to launch flights from Radom to Egypt.  Tours have been postponed

In winter, flights to Taba in Egypt were to be launched from the Warsaw-Radom airport. Ultimately, Itaka, which was supposed to implement them, postponed the inauguration of this direction for important reasons.

At the end of December, Itaka was to start conducting charter operations between the airport in Radom and Taba, Egypt. The first flight was scheduled to take place on December 27, but was ultimately significantly delayed. Currently, you can book a trip to Egypt in the booking system, but only from March 27. We asked the Itaka press office why this decision was made.

Itaka delays the start of flights from Warsaw-Radom to Egypt

Itaka’s flights from Radom to Egypt have been canceled until the end of March 2024. We would like to remind you that they were originally supposed to be implemented in December 2023. However, taking into account the travel agency’s previous decisions related to trips to these areas – the brand also canceled flights from other Polish airports to this region – one could have guessed that these cruises would also be postponed. All because of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. It takes place relatively far from the town of Taba, where planes from Poland land, but Poles willingly go on optional trips to Israel or Jordan, and now it is not safe.

– Our charter operations to Taba from all Polish departure airports have been suspended until the end of March 2024. The decision was made due to the geographical location of Taba relative to the border with Israel, in response to the escalation of hostilities in Israel and the Gaza Strip. Moreover, it is currently not possible to carry out optional trips to Israel, which were one of the reasons why our clients decided to relax in Taba. The date of resumption of flights will be confirmed depending on the current situation in the region, explain representatives of the Itaka press office in an interview with

What’s next for trips to Taba?

The travel agency will keep you informed about when flights to Taba will be resumed. You can still purchase a trip to the Egyptian city in the booking system, but you must bear in mind that its implementation depends on security in the Middle Eastern regions.

We would like to remind you that in October, a rocket that was supposedly fired by pro-Iranian militias in Yemen fell near a resort in Egypt. And although the target was Israel, it fell more quickly to the ground in Egypt.

Until the situation calms down, it is worth booking holidays in areas that are safe and stable.

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