Tourists being charged in Italian restaurants? They usually don’t expect it

Tourists being charged in Italian restaurants?  They usually don't expect it

In Italian restaurants you can meet with an unusual surprise. Tourists are asked to pay up to 2 euros for using an additional plate. Few people are aware of this.

Are you going on holiday to Italy? If so, you should be wary of unusual rules in some restaurants. It happens that tourists are unpleasantly surprised by additional fees. They are usually asked to pay 2 euros for a plain baby plate.

Hidden fees in Italy? That’s what you pay for a plate

In some restaurants in Italy you have to be careful. It happens that the premises do not say it clearly, but they charge additional fees for – it might seem – ordinary and free services. In Poland, when we ask for an extra plate, we treat it as a matter of course, in Italy it is not the same.

It turns out that in local restaurants you can pay up to 2 euros, i.e. about 10 PLN for an additional plate for a child. We will encounter such a situation, e.g. in Liguria. According to, a tourist resting with her daughter revealed that while eating in a local restaurant, she wanted to give her some pasta and asked for one more dish. When she saw the receipt, she was very surprised.

The extra charge is justified

Tourists buying food in one of the restaurants in Liguria on their receipt may see the option: The “dividing plate” – this is what costs guests an additional 2 euros. Although the situation seems quite unusual, it turns out that you can encounter it quite often.

Such situations have already occurred, e.g. in the vicinity of Italian Como, where 2 euro was added for cutting the ordered toast in half. Entrepreneurs usually defend the pricing of their “additional services”, saying that they are often not easy or simply take extra time. Although restaurateurs usually try to inform that we will have to pay for meeting our request, tourists are often unaware that this is the case. If we are not careful about what and where we buy, it may happen that we get a bill like from a nightmare, which has already been received by many guests dining, e.g. in a well-known Greek place – there you pay even 100 euros for a drink.

When dining in Italy, it is worth paying attention to whether we ask for extra paid things and be prepared for bonus costs. Each country and region has the right to have its slightly different rules, and the situation often differs from place to place, even if they are located in the same city.

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