Tetris defeated by man for the first time. The 13-year-old did not hide his surprise

Tetris defeated by man for the first time.  The 13-year-old did not hide his surprise

13-year-old Willis Gibson from Oklahoma reached the “end screen” in the popular game Tetris. He managed to achieve a result, after which the game stops and no further points are scored.

For years, Tetris seemed like a game that humans couldn’t complete. Only bots and artificial intelligence managed to do this. This belief was disproved by 13-year-old Willis Gibson, who achieved a score of 999999 in the cult game, thus reaching the so-called “kill screen”, i.e. the moment the game freezes due to the maximum number of points.

13-year-old Willis Gibson passed Tetris

On Tuesday, January 2, a 13-year-old player nicknamed Blue Scuti posted online proof of his achievement in the form of a video recording. We see not only the game itself, but also the reaction of a 13-year-old boy. Gibson played for about 38 minutes, reaching 157. At that point he said, “Oh, I missed it,” and he was sure the attempt was over.

However, he managed to correct the arrangement of the blocks, after which he completed another line, necessary to count new points and add time. At this point, the game stopped, showing a score of 999,999. This is considered by players to be the actual end of Tetris, because the creators did not provide any end screens, and it is simply impossible to play above this score. – Oh my God! Yes! Going to faint. I can’t feel my fingers, said the 13-year-old.

Blue Scuti dedicated the record to his father

Classic Tetris World Championship chairman Vince Clemente, in an interview with the New York Times, emphasized the importance of Scuti’s achievement. – Humans have never managed to do this before. It’s simply something that everyone thought was impossible just a few years ago, he pointed out. Created in 1989, Tetris is one of the most recognizable games in the world. According to the Times, Willis Gibson devoted about 20 hours a week to block stacking training.

The American dedicated his extraordinary achievement to his father, Adam, who died last month. According to 404 Media, WIllis Gibson became one of the best Tetris players after becoming interested in the sporting scene two years ago. He first saw this game on YouTube and posted his winning video there.

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