New life for a monument near Karpacz – Tremonti Resort in an old paper mill

New life for a monument near Karpacz – Tremonti Resort in an old paper mill

An old paper mill near Karpacz will gain new splendor – this is another example of the trend of building revitalization in the hotel industry.

Abandoned production and public buildings that have stood for years, as well as hotels that lost their luster years ago, are increasingly becoming investors’ targets. Nothing unusual. Although revitalization exceeds the cost of constructing a new building, the history of the facility and its unique architecture increase the value of the property. The location of the plots in prestigious locations is also important. An example of such a revitalization project is the Tremonti Resort implemented on the site of a former paper mill in Miłków near Karpacz.

Out of respect for history and architecture

The old paper mill will not be the first facility to be reborn within the old walls. It is located in the very center of Karpacz Hotel Tremonti. This complex has historical roots – two holiday homes operated in this area at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The investor, Spectrum Development, preserved both buildings and adapted them to the requirements of a four-star hotel. Today, Tremonti Karpacz is one of the favorite places for tourists visiting the Karkonosze Mountains.

An expensive investment with a profit in the background

Adapting historic walls is a huge and expensive challenge, sometimes even several times higher than building a building from scratch. – Renovating walls and roofs, often repairing foundations, and installing modern installations in old walls are essential. The most expensive thing, however, is to recreate the building in accordance with its original shape: stucco, historic stairs, and mullions in the windows. This requires investing not only serious funds, but also a lot of time – explains Artur Wach, president of, a company dealing in the sale and management of commercial real estate, including revitalized historic buildings.

Is it worth it? Of course. Among others, the following buildings have been transformed into a luxury hotel: the famous Pentridge Prison on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, a publishing house in Chicago or a tobacco warehouse in Trogir, Croatia – facilities that like a magnet attract travel connoisseurs who are ready to pay more for an overnight stay in unusual walls.

Their historic character also guarantees additional promotion. Designer interiors of historic hotels often appear in prestigious interior design magazines and portals.

– These hotels have soul, history and atmosphere that make the stay there unique. Their designer interiors make the time spent there with friends, family or colleagues unforgettable, says Artur Wach.

Bonus – attractive location

There is one more aspect that encourages investors to make the effort to adapt prestigious hotels within historic walls. It’s the location. – They usually occupy plots in the most attractive parts of cities or resorts, where it is often impossible to build new buildings. Additional value is provided by nearby tourist and landscape attractions and interesting cultural events organized seasonally. All this makes them attract both business and tourist guests – explains the expert.

Following these principles of location Tremonti Resort in Miłków the area of ​​the old paper mill was selected. Guests of the complex being built there will easily be able to use the entire tourist offer of Karpacz, which is only 500 meters away. Nearby, a lift is being built that will take winter sports enthusiasts to the top of Czoło Mountain (874 m above sea level). One of the stations of the reactivated railway between Mysłakowice and Karpacz is to be built directly next to the plot purchased by Spectrum Development, which will allow access to the center of this resort in less than 15 minutes.

Tremonti – a year-round hotel at the foot of the mountains

The management of the resort in Miłków was entrusted to the Hotel Group, which operates, among others, behind Tremonti’s success in Karpacz. The company’s portfolio includes facilities such as the five-star Hotel Mercure Szklarska Poręba, Apartamenty na Wydmach in Pobierowo and the above-mentioned Hotel Tremonti in Karpaczwhich enjoyed an attendance rate of at least 80% during the holiday season.

According to Artur Wach, investors in Miłków can count on similar results. – We intend to transfer all components of the success of the investment in Karpacz to this facility. The hotel will be built by the same developer. The room equipment and service will be identical to the brand. We will maintain the gastronomic offer at the same high level – says the president of

At the same time, he plans to add new ingredients to the proven “recipe for success”.

– We plan to adapt our offer to a wider group of customers. The 10-hectare area will include not only hotel rooms, apartments and even hotel houses for the most demanding guests, but also an extensive conference center. – explain.

An additional magnet attracting tourists will be a large swimming pond with a beach, overlooking the surrounding landscape parks and mountains. The investment site is being prepared and the construction team will be arriving soon. The sale of apartments and houses in this investment has already started, with a 70% profit sharing. for the owner and 30 percent for the operator, and as part of the pre-sale you can count on preferential purchase conditions.

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