They saw an ice beacon above the lake. “Nature can create wonderful works”

They saw an ice beacon above the lake.  "Nature can create wonderful works"

The phenomenon that appeared in Canada may evoke many associations. Snow and low temperatures are responsible for this. Photos of the ice lantern shock Internet users.

An unusual attraction in Canada is the so-called ice lantern. It can be found in the town of Port Stanley on Lake Erie. A seemingly ordinary location turned into a sky-high art museum. Interestingly, no one had a hand in the work created there. What are we talking about? The photos were published on Facebook by “Lubuscy Storm Hunters”.

The ice lantern is a hit in Canada. Nature created it

“Nature can create wonderful works” – this is how the authors of the Facebook post described the ice lantern. It’s easy to disagree with this. We have already witnessed amazing phenomena many times, including: in forests. Recently, foresters’ attention has been drawn to purple and orange mushrooms and slime molds. They were quickly hailed as a genius of natural artistry.

What is a Canadian ice lantern? It was created after large amounts of snow froze on the classic black lighthouse located on the lake. Ice surrounded it on all sides and created unusual shapes. The object glows all the time, which adds extra magic to everything.

Photos by Katey Berzins showing the ice lantern were shared on the Facebook page “Lubuscy Łowcy Burz”. We can see the object both during the day and after dark. It looks fascinating every time, and the effect is enhanced by the warm light emerging from under the snow. The design can be associated with many elements. The following come to mind: angel hair, wings or unusual plants.

The ice lantern is stunning. Internet users react

Photos of an ice lantern from Canada that circulated online caused a lot of emotion. It turns out that the Facebook post with the photo was reacted to over a thousand times, and there were also many comments. “It looks fantastic,” wrote one of the women. “Beautiful Dementor,” someone else added. There were also comparisons to Beksiński’s paintings and ideas of outstanding graphic designers. Some people admitted that if they saw such an object with their own eyes, they would definitely be scared.

Internet users looking at the ice work of art also emphasized that this type of phenomena does not always have to be safe and that although they can be beautiful, you need to be careful with them. “This time of year surprises us exceptionally. It’s better to be prepared for various surprises, especially if you have to commute to work every day. But attractions are also welcome,” wrote one of the men.

It must be admitted that the unexpected sight of an ice beacon on a calm Lake Erie is astonishing. The aura of the Canadian atmosphere seems to fit perfectly with such works of nature. Have you had the opportunity to meet something similar in real life?

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