Drama at the station in Częstochowa. A 10-year-old boy got off the train without his parents

Drama at the station in Częstochowa.  A 10-year-old boy got off the train without his parents

The boy unexpectedly left the train with his guardians on board. The police found a crying and confused child on the platform in Częstochowa.

The Railway Protection Guard found a little boy on the platform of the Częstochowa railway station. The baby was crying and confused. Police officers were called to the scene and managed to locate the minor’s parents. The guardians were still traveling in the train towards Olsztyn Główny. It turned out that the boy only wanted to get off the carriage while it was standing still, but the train left the station as scheduled.

Drama at the Częstochowa train station

The officer on duty at the Częstochowa police unit received a report about a minor boy wandering around the platform of the Częstochowa train station. The services were notified by the Railway Protection Guards, who were the first to take care of the lost child. Unfortunately, contact with the 10-year-old was difficult because the child did not speak Polish. It was only known that the boy had got off the Racibórz-Olsztyn Główny train on his own at the Częstochowa station, on which his parents were still traveling. As reported in the police report, the boy only said “Papa has left.”

The child’s parents have been found

The police managed to contact the parents of the lost child. The guardians returned to Częstochowa by the next train and picked up the boy. It turned out that the son got off on the platform due to his parents’ inattention and was unable to get back on board when the train departed on time. The 10-year-old and his family came from Romania. Officers advise parents to better prepare their children for travel. “Let’s teach our child basic personal details such as name and surname and hometown, as well as parents’ names and surnames. However, remember that in stressful situations, most children forget basic information, so let’s take care of a bracelet or armband with the contact details of their parents or guardians,” we read in the published statement. It is also worth familiarizing yourself with the rules for children traveling on buses and trains.

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