Sleep is the best in these European cities. Poland at the forefront

Sleep is the best in these European cities.  Poland at the forefront

An international ranking of sleep quality in the capitals of the Old Continent has been published. Germany was ranked highest in the ranking.

According to the ranking of a British website specializing in bedrooms, Berlin is the best city for sleep among European capitals. Residents and tourists can count on low noise levels and thick clouds through which light does not penetrate. Warsaw was also among the top, ranking fifth on the list. Recently, the largest city in our country was also included in the ranking of the most promising cities of the future.

You sleep well in Warsaw

According to experts who took into account the three most important factors for healthy sleep, Warsaw is one of the best places in Europe for optimal sleep. Of course, if we forget about beautiful mountain locations, seaside villages and small towns – only European capitals were taken into account. The largest Polish city, which has been delighting tourists with new investments and a beautiful panorama of shiny skyscrapers in the last decade, was ranked fifth in the ranking. The capital received 28 points, which were awarded for results in three categories: noise level, level of clouds that let in sunlight, and city light “pollution”.

Our worst performance is definitely in the third point. Here, Warsaw was assessed as negatively as London. If it were not for this criterion, the Polish city would rank much higher – in the case of high cloud cover and noise level, the Polish capital definitely beat other cities. Ultimately, 69.3 percent of Warsaw residents can boast of good sleep.

Berlin is the winner of the ranking

Berlin tops the list with 40 points. It was followed by Prague, London and Budapest – all with over 70 percent of satisfied sleepers. Sixth place, just behind Poland, was taken by Oslo. The quality of sleep was rated low in Madrid and Rome due to the annoying noise and very sunny mornings, which do not allow lovers of rest to have additional hours of relaxation.

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