A week on all inclusive for only PLN 678. It’s 27 degrees and sunny there

A week on all inclusive for only PLN 678.  It's 27 degrees and sunny there

The travel agency offers relaxation under palm trees at an extremely low price. We will go on a quick vacation just before Christmas.

We haven’t seen such a cheap opportunity for a long time. We will pay less than PLN 700 for a week’s trip to an Egyptian resort. The offer price includes flights, accommodation in a hotel with a swimming pool and all-inclusive meals. We will fly on holiday on December 17-24 from Warsaw-Radom Airport with Skyline Express Airlines.

A short vacation before Christmas

For a quick holiday in December, we will go to Sharm el-Sheikh, located in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula. The offer of the Anex Poland travel agency for PLN 678 includes seven nights in the three-star Amar Sina hotel located less than 900 meters from the sandy beach, where there are free sun loungers and a bar with cocktails.

According to Egyptian Minister Ahmed Issa, tourists are not giving up their holidays in Egypt because of the conflict in the Gaza Strip. However, the prices of tours visible on the market show that the demand for holidays in this part of the world is lower. Polish travel agencies have believed that Egypt remains safe since the beginning of the conflict.

Attractions inside and outside the hotel

The proposed hotel is located only 16 kilometers from the airport. The facility has a swimming pool with an outdoor bar, a terrace with sun loungers and a green Egyptian garden. The hotel offers animations and aerobics every day, and there are games for the youngest in the mini club and on the playground. “All Inclusive buffet breakfasts, lunches and dinners, local non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks are available from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. in designated bars,” we read in the offer description.

Outside the hotel, we can diversify our time by visiting the Al-Sahaba Mosque, surrounded by a modernized bazaar in the historical part of the city. This is a place known for aromatic spices, exquisite perfumes and various street delicacies. We also cannot forget about diving and snorkeling, because we will have plenty of opportunities to practice these sports in this part of Egypt.

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